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mass of dilated veins in anorectum involving venous plexuses of area
narrow slits or clefts
grossly dilated loops of the colon
fecal matter passes through intestine rapidly

results in decreased absorption of water, electrolytes, & nutrients

causes frequent, watery stools
inflammation of appendix (small, fingerlike appendage attached to cecum of lg intestine)
inflammation of the peritoneum

results from inflammation or infection caused by leakage of appendix, peptic ulcer, etc.
protrusion or projection of entire (or part of) organ through wall of cavity that normally contains it
multiple diverticula (hernias of bowel mucous membrane) are present w/o evidence of inflammation
diverticulosis with food & bacteria trapped within causing infection
inflammatory bowel disease that can involve any part of intestine

usually involves terminal portion of ileium
any abnormal, tubelike passage within body tissue or leading from internal organ to body surface

usually occurs between two organs
artifical opening (stoma) created in small intestine (ileum)

brought to surface of abdomen for purpose of evacuating feces
A patient has ulcerative colitis. Which foods should he be taught to aboid in his diet?
a. Fresh fruits
b. White bread
c. Sweet desert
d. Meat
a. Fresh fruits
The nurse is listening to a pt's abdomen and determines that bowel sounds are absent. To make this determination, the nurse would listen for which of the following time frames?
a. 2 min in each quad
b. 5 min in each quad
c. 7 min in each quad
d. 10 min in each quad
b. 5 min in each quad
The nurse is caring for a pt who has a sudden onset of diarrhea. Which of the following terms should the nurse use to document the pt's black, tarry stool?
a. Melena
b. Hematchesia
c. Hematemesis
d. Steatorrhea
a. Melena
The nurse is developing a teaching plan for a pt who is interested in lifestyle changes to help prevent colon cancer. Which of the following of the pt's dietary habits does the nurse understand may increase the risk for development of colon cancer?
a. High fat, low fiber intake
b. High intake of milk & milk products
c. Low meat and protein intake
d. Low fat, high carbohydrate intake
a. High fat, low fiber intake
A patien with Crohn's disease is to receive sulfasalazine, 500 mg oral suspension qid. How many milliliters should the nurse give for the 0800 dose?
a. 5 mL
b. 10 mL
c. 20 mL
d. 50 mL
b. 10 mL
Replacing 1_____ and 2_____ is the first priority in treating acute diarrhea. This is done by increasing 3_____ 3_____ intake or using 4_____ 4_____ for rapid hydration.
1 fluids
2 electrolytes
3 oral fluid
4 IV fluids
S/S of peritonitis include 1_____ pain and rigidity, 2_____ tenderness, 3_____ peristalsis, nausea, vomiting, fever, 4_____ WBC, and 5_____ pulse.
1 abdominal
2 rebound
3 decreased
4 increased
5 increased
S/S of diverticulosis include 1_____ changes, pain in 2_____ of abdomen, bleeding, fever, rebound 3_____, and a firm mass 4_____ in the 5_____ area.
1 bowel
2 LLQ (lower left quadrant)
3 tenderness
4 palpated
5 sigmoid