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Article 88
Contempt towards officials
Article 77
Article 83
Fraudelant Enlistment,appointment or separation
Article 87
Missing Movement
Article 78
Accessory After the Fact
Article 84
Effecting Unlawful Enlistment or enlistment
Article 80
Article 86
Absence without leave
Article 81
Article 85
Article 79
Lesser Included Offenses
Article 91
Insubordinate conduct toward a warrant officer, noncommisioned officer or petty officer.
Article 89
Disrespect toward a Superior Officer or Commisioned Officer
Article 90
Assaulting or willfully disobeying a commisioned Officer
Article 82
Article 92
Failure to obey order or regulation
Article 106
Article 94
Mutiny or sedition
Article 105
Misconduct as a prisoner.
Article 98
noncompliance with prodeural rules.
Article 104
Aiding the enemy.
Article 93
Cruelty or Maltreatment
Article 101
Improper use of countersign.
Article 103
Captured or abandoned property.
Article 96
Releasing prisoner without proper authority.
Article 100
Subordinate compelling surrender.
Article 102
Forcing a safeguard.
Article 95
Resistance, breach of arrest and escape.
Article 99
Misbehavior before the enemy.
Article 97
Unlawful detention
Article 108
Military property of the United States Government, sale , loss, damage, destruction, or wrongful disposition.
Article 119
Article 117
Provoking speeches or gestures. "Tough guy huh ?"
Article 106a
Article 112
Drunk on duty
Article 113
Misbehavior of a sentinel or lookout. "Don't be a jackass"
Article 112a
Wrongful use or possession of a controlled substance. "Say NO to drugs"
Article 109
Property other than military property of the United States - waste spoilage or destruction.
Article 114
Article 107
False Official Statements.
Article 116
Breach of peace. "This ain't no trailer park"
Article 110
Improper hazarding of a vessel. "Negative Ghostrider the pattern is full"
Article 118
Murder "We got an MDK!!"
Article 111
Drunken or wreckless driving.
Article 115
Malingering "Don't be turd, or you'll get flushed"
Article 133
Conduct unbecoming of an officer. "They still never get busted"
Article 121
Larceny and wrongful appropriation.
Article 131
Article 123
Article 127
Article 124
Maiming "Even if they deserve it, you can't"
Article 120
Rape and carnal knowledge. "No its not considered surprise sex"
Article 129
Burglary "Even the hamburglar is a criminal"
Article 122
Robbery "Only thing worse than a liar, is a thief"
Article 134
General Article "When they are absolutely out to get you, this is the one they use"
Article 126
Arson "The roof, the roof , the roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the @#$@#@#%er burn!!!"
Article 130
Housebreaking "wait until they get inside to shoot them"
Article 123a
Making, drawing or uttering check, draft or without sufficent funds. "Check 21 took care of this"
Article 128
Article 125
Sodomy "Don't be gay"