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Be salt and light, not separate.
Matthew 5
Image of God, such as through dominion (creating cultures, e.g.).
Genesis 1 only
Creation story found here.
Genesis 1 and 2
Even the Gentiles do good because God's law is written on their hearts.
Romans 2
God gives himself the name of Yahweh.
Exodus 2
Jesus calls himself the "Bread of Life" right after he feeds 5,000 people.
John 5
Adam and Eve's children make tools and musical instruments but also violent weapons.
Genesis 4
The story of the Tower of Babel shows human pride and idolatry in every culture.
Genesis 11
God calls us to the task of preaching the Word.
2 Cor. 10
The nations bring all their glory and splendor to the City of God, where nothing impure can enter.
Revelation 21
We are not conformed to the world but transformed by the renewal of our minds.
Romans 12
We must give a reason for our faith. Julian Huxley twists this verse and says that his faith is in mankind's potential.
1 Peter 3
Don't let the Devil get a foothold!
Ephesians 4
There is no Jew/Greek or male/female distinction--we are one in Christ.
Galatians 3