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Therapuetics:Anaphlaxis shock,asthma

Kinetics:IV, topical, Inhaled

Dynamics: beta 1&2, Alpha 1&2

contraindications:severe cardiac disease, close angel glaucoma

Precautions; HTN, Pregnancy, DM, elderly, children with asthma
Epinephrine adverse reactions?
Blood glucose, arrhythmias & angina
HTN crisis, cerebral hemmorrage
Therapeutics: Relief of nasal congestion, mydriasis (opthalmic),treat vascular failure in shock.

Kinetics: IV or topical

Dynamics: Vasoconstriction (alpha 1 agonists)

Contraindications: SEVERE HTN, VT, closed angle glaucoma

Precautions: Hyperthyroid, Pregnancy, Cardio vasc disease, decrease volume, asthma (bronchoconstriction)
Phenylephrine Adverse reactions and interactions?
HA, reflex bradycardia,
Restlessness and excitability(especially with concurrent MAOI use)
Interactions: MAOI and tricyclic antidepressants
Therapeutics: Tx of hemodynamic imbalance in shock (low=renal perfusion, High= up B/P c vasoconstriction)

Kinetics: Rapid action,wide distribution(no bloodbrain barrier cross), take up into adrenergic nerve terminals.

Dynamics: Alph/beta 1 directly, releases stored epinephrine indirectly.

Contraindications: Pheocromocytoma, uncorrected tachy rythms and v-fib, correction of acidosis pre med.
Dopamine adverse reactions?
Common: ectopic bts, tachycardia, dyspnea, and Hypotension

rare:abnormal conduction, bradycardia, wide qrs, piloerection

O.D.: excessive hypertension
What to do for dopamine extravasation?

How to avoid?
Give phentolamine SQ to area-causes vasodilation to flush dopamine into system.

Give meds via central line and make sure line flushes before giving drug. Monitor hemodynamic pressures.
Therapuetics: Refractory heart failure, Raynauds vasospasm, prostatic outflow obstruction, HTN.

Kinetics: PO

Dynamics: selectively blocks Alpha-1 receptors.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity

Precautions: angina, pregnancy, heart failure or renal failure.
Prazosin adverse reactions and interactions?
adverse reactions: Lightheadedness, dizziness, HA, drowsiness. FIRST DOSE SYNCOPE (give 1/2 dose 1st time give drug).
Driving caution!!

Drug Interactions: Additive effect with other antihypertensives, Erectile dysfunction drugs (work against each other). NSAIDS decrease effect of this drug.
Therapuetics: HTN, Angina, atrial tach, VT, migraines, irreg. rhythms, DIG intoxications, MI, pheochromocytoma, hypertropic aortic stenosis
also- situational anxiety, withdrawl

Kinetics: PO or IV

dynamics: nonselective beta blocker (BETA 1 heart and BETA 2 lungs) acts on receptors.

Contraindications: cardiac disorders and airway diseases. Raynaud's and concomitant use of antidepressants.