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used cut-throat methods to corner the market
Thomas Edison
invented the light bulb
John D. Rockefeller
ran Standard Oil
Andrew Carnegie
ran the largest steel business in the U.S.
Alexander Grahm Bell
invented the telephone
Christopher Shoals
Invented the typewriter
Industrial unions
workers of a specific industry ban together
one company buying out another company
Craft unions
when all the workers of the same skill (job) ban together
Horatio Alger
wrote novels about poor people striking it rich through hard work
Bessemer Process
removes carbon from steel
Credit Mobilier
construction company that stole money for the railroads
Sherman Anti-trust Act
failed to break up the trusts
Horizontal integration
buying out your competition
Social Darwinism
survival of the fittest amongst humans. Promoted hands-off capitalism because the strongest and the smartest should be allowed to prosper.
Political machine
an organization that controlled the local politics of a city
cramped urban housing where immigrants lived
using politcal force for personal gain
James Garfield
assassinated for his beliefs in civil service