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place on the ship where many immigrants stayed during their trip to America
Angel Island
place where most immigrants from China entered America. Located on the west coast
Ellis Island
place on the east coast where immigrants entered America
Jane Addams
founded Hull House to help poor immigrants in Chicago
Social Gospel
movement to help the poor in cities
a dangerous result of overcrowding in cheap cuildings
Rapid Urbanization in the late 1800's
large numbers of immigrants
farm machinery limiting the need for workers
growth of factories and new industry
replacement workers
vertical integration
buying out raw material producers and distributors
most important resources for the growth of industry in 1800's
Sherman- Anti-Trust Act
made monopolies illegal
social Darwinism supported
existence of poverty
success of business
power of millionaire industrialists
Cities in the 19th century expanded
suspension bridges
Christopher Shoals
invented the typewriter
John Rockefeller
built Standard Oil
Andrew Carnegie
largest steel company
George Pullman
His railroad cars made travel more comfortable
Thomas Edison
developed the light bulb
Granger laws
state laws to regulate railroad rates
Chinese Exclusion Act
law to tightly limit the number of Chinese immigrants
Social Darwinism
theory that says society benefits from competition between people is good. The rich get richer and the poor unskilled do not
Credit Mobilier
rail construction company overcharged for laying track on the transcontinental railroad
Factory town built for workers of the rail car industry
melting pot
blending various nationalities and traditions in America
Homestead Strike
strike at steel plant involved use of scab workers
Gospel of Wealth
industrialists and financiers owed something to society for their wealth
Munn v. Illinois
court case over regulation of railroad rates
Interstate Commerce Act
law that gave federal government control over rail rates
Haymarket Square
peaceful labor rally turned deadly after a bomb was thrown at the police