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Albert Einstein
He informed President Roosevelt that the German's had successfully spilt an atom and were working on an atomic bomb
A. Philip Randolph
He threated to have a 100 thousand man march on Washington if defense contract companies didn't stop discriminating.
George Marshall
He encouraged branches of the military to open up un-combat jobs to woman.
Henry Kaiser
He developed the process of pre-fabrication in the production of liberty ships.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
He was a general in the army during WWII. HE was considered the supreme commander of allied forces in Europe.
Enrico Fermi
He successfully spilt an atom in Solider Field, in Chicago.
Erwin Rommel
He was a General in WWII. he was considered the best General during the war. His nickname was the "Desert Fox"!
Robert Oppenheimer
He was in charge of the development of the atomic bomb.
Rationing System
To control inflation and guarantee that everyone would get their fair share the goverment used ratioing.
The rationed: gas, food, coffee, etc.
The soviets went on the offensive after their victory.
The country that Churchill & Roosevelt decided to defeat first.
Normandy, France
America's largest amphibious invasion took place.
The new invention that helped defeat submarines in the Alantic.
Manhattan Project
Was the development of the atomic bomb was a top secert endeavor.