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What is the procinium stage?
The most common stage in educational theatre.
a four-sided stage built like a box with one side cut away, enabling the audience to view the play as if it were in a picture frame.
what is a stage?
the area where the players perform; usually a raised platform.
what is a grand drape?
a draperies covering the porscenium opening (picture frame), separating the audience from the stage
what is wings?
offstage spaces to the sides of the acting area
what is the apron?
the part of the stage extending past the proscenium arch toward the audience
What is the thrust stage?
Thsi stage has qualities of both proscenium and the arena stage. a stage that extends into the seating area. The audience sits on the three sides of the stage
What is the arena stage?
A stage constructed so that the audience can sit on all sides also known as "theater in the round"
entrances and exits must be made through the audience