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Dry Gauze is used for what on wounds?
Absorbing exudate. Mostly used on surgical wounds.
Contraindicated on wounds that require a moist environment.
Wet-to-Dry Gauze is used for what on a wound .
Absorbing exudate and debride moist necrotic wounds.
Contraindicated on wounds that require a moist environment.
Wet-to-Moist Gauze is used for on a wound?
Absorbing exudate, debride of moist necrotic tissue, and used on infected wounds.
Contraindicated on highly exudating wounds.
Odor-Absorbent dressings are used on what wounds?
Wounds with moderate drainage and neutalized odor in necrotic wounds.
Contraindicated in superfical wounds.
Collagens are used on wounds?
2nd degree burns and tunneled wounds.
Contraindicated in wounds with dry eschar.
Non-adherent dressings are used on what wounds?
Abrasions, lacerations, skin grafts and donor sites.
Contraindicated on heavily exudating wounds.
Composite dressings are used on what wounds?
Partial to full thickness.
Contratindicated on people sensitive to composite materials.
Hydrocolloids are good for what type of wounds?
Wounds with minimal to moderate exudate and partial-thickness wounds. Promotes autolytic debridement.
Contraindicated in infected wounds, deep cavity wounds, heavy exudating wounds, and 3rd degree burns.
Hydrogels are used on what type of wounds?
Abrasions, minor burns, 1st and 2nd degree burns, and donor sites.
Contraindicated in infected wounds, fungal wounds and 3rd degree burns.
Foams provide what to heavily exudating wounds?
Thermal insulation and a moist wound environment.
Contraindicated on dry wounds, wounds with exposed muscle, tendon or bone, and partial-thickness wounds with minimal exudate.
Transparent Adhesive Films are used on what wounds with minimal exudate?
Used on superficial wounds in final stages of healing.
Contraindicated on heavily exudating wounds and wounds with sinus tracts.
Alginates helps wounds with what?
Aide in debridement of sloughing wound.
Contraindicated in 3rd degree burns, sensitivity to seaweed, heavily bleeding wounds and dry wounds.