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absence of political authority
government ruled by religious authority
government by the people
government by one person or a small group
absolute monarchy
government determined solely by the ruler
a political theory advocating ownership of industry
a system of government in which the ruler controls the economy
representative republic
citizens choose a smaller group to represent them, make laws, and govern on their behalf
Magna Carta/Great Charter
signed by King John of England in 1215. Nobles forced him to acknowledge that the king was not greater than the law and that all citizens were equal before the law
Mayflower Compact
agreement among the "pilgrims" who settled at plymouth rock in 1620
Common law
law based on court decisions rather than legal code
English bill of rights
document giving citizens vertain rights
Code of Hammurabi
an eye for an eye
Constitution of the Iroquois Nation
written by several Native American tribes that formed a confederacy that was similar to the gov. set up in our constitution
legislative body in England with two houses (commons,lords)
the enlightenment
John Locke said that good gov was a social contract between people and rulers; ppl give up some rights for protection of gov
John Locke
greatest influence on Thomas Jefferson towards the declaration of independence
Second Treatise of Government
book written by John Locke in 1690
Social Contract Theory
people give up some rights for pretections and security of government
natural rights
any humans have rights
limited government
a type of government in which its functions are restricted