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France, the fashion center
Royalty made France dominant over international fashion in the 18th century
Royalty as trendsetters
Only people who could afford couture.
(High Fashion)The art of dressmaking. Very expensive because apparel was made to fit.
Charles Worth
"Father of Couture". First successful designer.
Business suit
With a growing middle class, business suits became ready to wear
Issac Singer
Mass produced the sewing machine.
Levi Strauss
Invented denim.
The Gibson Girl
Personification of the ideal young middle-class American woman and gave style to the simple look.
Department Stores
General store that carried apparel and furniture.
Specialty Stores
Has specific categories of goods.
Richard Sears
Went from a watch retailer to co-owning Sears, Roevuck and Company.
Coco Chanel
First designer to make high-fashion pants for women.
Gilbert Adrian
Holloywood designer. First American designer to influence world wide fashion.
Claire McCardell
Created the "American Look"
Mary Quant
Created "Mod Look"
The Mod Look
Miniskirts, tights, and vinyl.
It became stylish to look poor.
The Ethnic Look
Hippies, African, and Elegant Peasant
Active Sportswear
As exercise became popular, so did jogging suits.
Retailers and Designers greatly increased imports.
The power suit
Aging baby boomers began to get executive level jobs.
Giorgio Armani
Trendsetter of 1980's because he suited the career woman.
Karl Lagerfeld
Trendsetter of the 1990's.