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A person who drives or has physical control of a vehicle.
A person who has a property interst in or title to a vehicle. The term (A)includes a person entitiled to use and possess a vehicle suject to a security interest; and (B) excludes a lienholder and a lessee whose lease is not intended as security.
A person on foot
An individual, firm, partnership, association, or corporation.
A responsible person who is at least 18 years of age and is designated by local authority to direct traffic in a school crossing zone for the protection of children going to or leaving a school.
School Crossing Guard
541.002 TC
Department of Public Safety acting directly or through its authroized officers and agents.
Department 541.002 TC
Public Safety Director
(A) A county, municipality, or other local entity authorized to enact traffic laws under the laws of this state; or (B) A school district created under the laws of this state only when it is designating school crossing guards for schools opeated by the district.
Local Authority
An officer authorized to direct traffic or arrest persons who violate traffic regulations.
Police Officer
An area that (1) Contains at least one municipality with a population of at least 100,00; and (2) includes the adjacent municipalities and unincorporated urban districts.
Metropolitan Area
541.101 TC
The territory adjacent to and including a highway if buildings used for business or industrial purposes, including a building used as a hotel, bank, office building, public building, or railroad station: (A) are located within a 600 ft. segment along the highway; and (B) within that segment the buildings occupy at least 300 ft of frontage
(i) on one side of the highway; or (ii) collectively on both sides of the highway.
Business District
The territory, other than a business district, adjacent to and including a highway, if at least 300 ft. of the highway frontage is primarily improved with; (A) residences; or (B) buildings used for business purposes and residences.
Residence District
Territory adjacent to and including a highway, if the territory; (A) is not in a municipality (B)is improved with structures that are used for business, industry, or dwelling houses and located at intervals of less than 100 ft. for a distance of at least one-quarter mile on either side of the highway.
Urban District
* A fire department or police vehicle
* Public of Private ambuance
* volunteer firefighter or emergency vehicle when responding to a fire alwarm or medical emergency
* Industrial emergency response vehicle
* Blood bank or tissue bank vehicle when responding to emergency
Authorized Emergency Vehicle
A device that a person may ride and that is propelled by human power and has two tandem wheels at least one of which is more than 14 inches in diameter.
(A) A motor vehicle used to transport persons and designed to accommodate more thatn 10 passengers, including the operator; (B) A motor vehicle other than a taxicab, designed and used to tranpsort persons for compensation.