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Selective B-1 Adrenergic Receptor Agonist
*Increases CO
Signs & Symptoms of Heart Failure
-Pedal Edema
-Increased HR
-Rapid Breathing
-Persistent Cough
-Cyanotic and clammy skin
-Upright posture/leaning forward
Goals of CHF treatment
-Improve myocardial contractility w/o increasing heart rate
-Reduce afterload
-Reduce preload
**Increasing HR is NOT beneficial
Drugs used in CHF Tx
Diuretics (@ first signs of pulmonary edema)
--Hydochlorothiazide, Furosemide
ACE Inhibitors
Cardiac (Digitalis) Glycosides
Beta Blockers
Therapeutic Effects of ACE Inhibitors
Relaxation of arterial smooth muscle
Reduced aldosterone release
Dilate veins (with chronic admin)
Reduce trophic changes in myocardium
Cardiac (Digitalis) Glycosides
Digoxin & Digitoxin
Reduced congestive symptoms and improved exercise tolerance
Reduce lethality from progressive damage but increases sudden death
Margin of safety is very low
(Risk of Cardiac Arrhythmias)
Tx overdose with Digitalis Antibodies
**Once you begin tx with glycosides you can't switch w/o severe deterioration
Mechanism of action for Cardiac Glycosides
Reduce action of Na+/K+ ATPase-->less Na+ going out-->more in the cell-->reduced action of Na+/Ca2+ pump.-->More Ca2+ in cell-->Increased contractility
Effects of Potassium levels on Cardiac Glycosides
High systemic K+ levels(K+ sparing diuretics)-->less glycoside effects
Low systemic K+ (Diuretics)-->more glycoside effects