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Name of the legendary law enforcement agency of Texas
Texas Rangers
Names of the rivers that help form the boundaries of TX
Sabine, Red, Rio Grande and...
Year of Great Galveston Storm?
Oil discovery at Spindletop near Beaumont...
Patillo Higgins, Gusher
William Barrett Travis
Commander at the Alamo
Current Governor of TX
Rick Perry
Meaning of TX
Allies or Friends
Most decorated soldier in WW2
Audie Murphy
Only governor impeached
James Ferguson
First woman governor
Miriam Amanda "Ma" Ferguson
1st black woman elected to Congress from TX
Barbara Jordan
1st Tejano elected to Congress
Henry Gonzales
Who named most rivers in TX
Llano Estacado
staked plains
Alonzo Pineda
1st Spanish explorer in TX
Adams-Onis Treaty
gave up all rights and claims to TX
Most enduring Spanish legacy
law or legal systems
Father of Education
Dept. of Public Safety
Largest immigrant in TX in 1860
Most important crop in antebellum TX
What incident convinced most Texans that secession was necessary?
Lincoln's election in 1860
What percentage of TX voters approved secession in 1861
3 to 1
Which Texans opposed secession
german americans, sam houston, conservative unionists
why TX was important to the confederacy
Link to Mexican ports, closest to West US & California (Gold & Ports), close to Mormons in Utah
what was the result of the attempts of the Union to invade TX
Battle of Sabine Pass
sept 1863- union attempt to invade tx
Battle of Mansfield
Louisiana - Union forces defeated by Confederate troops
Battle of Palmetto Ranch
last battle of the Civil War; conf. victory
Led battle of Palmetto RAnch....
John H Reagan
Postmaster general of conf states
Why was the constitution of 1869 replaced
back in the Union, do away w/ radical republican ways
Freedmans Bureau
most enduring; school system for blacks...
Johnsons plan for reconstruction
established provisional govt, new constitution, high ranked couldnt vote, abolished slavery, secession illegal, cancelled confederate debts
Reconstruction Act of 1867
solid south - lincolns plans....
Union League
created by republicans for black men- black support for republican party
Criticism of EJ Davis
state police force
provisional governor appointed under Pres Andrew Johnson plan reconstruction
Andrew Jackson
What produces over 50% of the annual agricultural revenue in TX
The cowtown of TX
Fort Worth
Mark Francis
1st veternary person at A&M
Richard King
Owned King Ranch....
Contributions of Robert Kleberg Jr
contributed different cattle
Dad Joiner, Daisy Bradford
Gusher in 5 different counties-1925
Submerged Lands Act - Tidelands
restored tidelands to state ownership & extended ownership 10 1/2 miles into the ocean
1st major oil discovery in TX
Spindletop - Beaumont - Patillo Higgins - Black Giant
Big Inch
Underground Pipeline
Joseph McCoy
Cowtown - Fort Worth
Fence Cutting Wars
1884- Ira Atens
Goodnight-Loving Trail
Goodnight created chuckwagon....
John Nance Garner: "Cactus Jack"
forceful personality- democrat - 1st texan VP
politician from South Texas, Us Senate, VP in 1960, became President because of Kennedy's assassination
Kay Bailey Hutchinson
1st woman from TX in senate
Barbara Jordan
1st black person elected to congress from TX... was 1st woman also
Texas City Disaster
greatest industrial disaster- 1947
James Ferguson
only governor impeached
Red River Campaign
stopped in Mansfield, Louisiana