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what are the 2 parts of the house of representetives
house of representitives
the house of representitives has ________ members
the senate has _________ members
senators serve for terms of what length
4 year
regular sessions of the legislature occur during ______________ years
odd-numbered years
the leader of the house of representitives is the ________________
speaker of the house
the leader of the senate is the ___________
lt. governor
the nine steps in having a bill become a law are.....
1. read to a comittee
2. testimony heard by a comittee
3. everyone hears bill
4. debate
5. vote in original house
6. sent to other house
7. vote by other house
8. sent to governor
9. governor signs bill into law
what are the five executive powers of the governor
1. make appoinments
2. remove certain officals
3. supervise
4. comand texas rangers
5. chief planning officer of state
what are the 3 legislative powers of the governor
1. send messages to the legislature
2. veto
3. call special sessions
what is the job describtion of the attorner general
st. lawyer
what is the job descibtion of the comptroller
chief tax collector
the ______________________ called out the troops
comander- in- chief
the governor used his power of______________________ to remove 3 parts of the bill
the house of representitives passed a __________ about clean air
passing a bill after it had been vetoed is an ____________
_____________ is often made by our governor
public policy
the senetors ____________ held a rally for him
tge legilature has __________ with the executive branch
in the _____________________ the bill was discussed by a committee