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People against the Constitution because they felt the people would be protected by a stronger federal government.
Supported by the Constitution because they felt the people would be protected by a stronger federal gov.
Federalist Papers
written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison to persuade peopleto support the Constitution.
Federal Government
means the same thing as national or central government
distribution of power between federal and state govs.
Whiskey Rebellion
under Washington's presidency. Pennsylvania farmers refuse to pay tax on whiskey and try to rebel. The new gov. undert the Constitution is strong enough to stand up to the protesters. Laws can be enforced.
Washington's Farewell Address
speech when he leaves office as president. Discusses three dangers: rise of political parties, sectionalism, and involvement in foreign affairs
Political Parties
parties reflect the emergence of different political viewpoints within the country. (Federalists and Democratic-Republicans are the first political parties in the US)
War of 1812
between US and Great Britain; often called 2nd war of independence; Causes: US wanted Europe to recognize their power and Britain was impressing American Sailors. Effects: White House burned, Star Spangled Banner written by Francis Scott Key, Jackson becomes famous at Battle of New Orleans, no cler winner but the US gains respect.
Monroe Doctrine
a US foreign policy hereby the US opposes any European interference in the western hemisphere.
Goods coming into your country from another country
Goods you8 are selling to another country
Protective Tax
tax on imported goods. Purpose is to protect local industry and manufactured goods made w/ the country
Tariff Policies
tariffs are set up to raise operating funds for the gov. and generally the North supported them and South did not.
Nullification Crisis
sectional differences over the issue of protective tariffs causes the South to nullify (cancel out) the tariff and they refuse to enforce it. South threatens to secede if they are forced to collect tax. Andrew Jackson forced to compromise.
Manifest Destiny
belief that the Us had the right and the duty to expand across the N. American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
Removal and re-settlement of Native Americas
Because whites want more land, many Native American Indian tribes were resettled into Indian Territory. Ex. Cherokees. President Johnson insists they be moved and pushed the Indian Removal Act through Congress even after Supreme Court rules it is unconstitutional. Indidan endure the Trail of Tears and march to OK.
Industrial Revolution
period of rapid industrial growth in the 1700's. Hand made goods are soon replaced by mass-produced goods. Began in England w/ textile industry.
Plantation System
system of agriculture production based on large scale commercial farming and slave labor. Set up in the US b/c people concentrated their slave labor in the South. Cash crops grown were rice, tobacco, and eventually COTTON.
Reform Movements
1800s, include reforms in education led by Horace Mann, reforms for the needy led by Dorthea Dix, and Labor reforms and the Women's Rights Movement, and the Abolitionist Movement
Seneca Falls Convention
marks the beginning of the women's right movement. Leaders: Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton who writes the Declaration of Sentiments that says all men AND women are created equal.
Abolitionist Movement
Movement to completely and totally wipe out slavery in the US.
Famous: William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth
The Civil War
1861-1865 Causes: South;s secession from the SU, slavery and states rights. Effects: North (USA) Wins the war and the CSA (south) is forced back into the Union. Lincoln is president during the warand is assasinated soon after the war ends.
Confederate States of America
United States of America
Emancipation Proclamation
Freed all slaves in states that were rebelling against the Union (so it does not free slaves in Union)
Gettysburg Address
speech made by Lincon at the dedication of the cemetery at Gettysberg following the battle
the period of rebuilding the South following the Civil War
13th Amendment
frees all slaves without compensation to slave owners. This is what outlawa slavery forever in US.
14th Amendment
All persons born or naturalized within the US (including former slaves) are citizens of the US