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What are the signs of brain tumors?
inc ICP, headache, vomiting, seizures, cranial n palsies, death, flattening of gyri, ventricular shift, hemorrhage
What is a glioma?
a tumor of the brain parenchyma
What are the types of gliomas?
astrocytoma, oligodendrogliomas, ependymoma
What is a form of primitive tumor?
What is a tumor from the covering?
How are astrocytomas graded?
via cellularity, mitosis and cellular pleomorphism, degree of ascular endothelial hyperlasia, presence or absence of necrosis
What is grade IV astrocytoma?
glioblastoma multiforme
Where are pilocytic astrocytoma found?
cerebellum and BS
Where are fibrillary astrocytomas found?
cerebral hemisphers
How do fibrillay astrocytomas present?
seizure, headache, focal neurological symptoms
What do fibrillary astrocytomas look like?
expansion of white matter, with gray-white demarcations blurred
What does fibrillary astrocytoma look like microscopically?
mild nuclear pleomorphism, no mitoses, necrosis, or vascular endothelial hperplasia
How often do fibrillary astrocytomas turn deadly?
What is a glioblastoma multiforme?
rapid growing, poor prognosis, in older pt
What do glioblastoma multiforme look like?
yellow necrosis, reddish brown hemorrhageic areas, infiltrating, may cross CC
What does a glioblastoma multiforme look like on MRI?
A butterfly
What is an oligodendroglioma?
slow growing tumor in adults in frontal or temporal lobes, calcifications, clear cytoplasmic halo and thin walled bld vessels
Which tumors tend to respond better to therapy?
ones with chromosomal alterations
WHich tumor shows true rosettes or pseudoreosettes?
How to meningiomas grow?
they displace the brain?
What to meninigiomas look like?
uniform cells with indistinct cytoplamic borders, pale nuclei, whorl formation
What are the two most common metastatic cancers?
breast and lung
Where are metastatic tumors found?
at the grey-white matter junction