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Why do you think Winnie speaks to the toad?
Winnie seems lonely and bored.
What do you think Winnie's life is like?
Winnie passes the time without the company of other children, so she speaks to the toad in the road.
During what time of year does the story?
The story takes place the first week in August.
Why do you think Mr. Tuck wishes he were in heaven and had never come to Treegap?
Something happened in Treegap a long time ago that seems to have irrevocably changed the Tucks lives.
What are Mr. and Mrs. Tuck like?
The Tucks are gentle, simple people.
How is the discription of the stranger different from the description of the Tucks?
The "shadowy" description of the stranger is both myserious and threatening. Details such as his long, thin fingers and beard and his seeming to almost "hang suspended there in the twilight" make Winnie feel uncomfortable. The stranger seems threatening.
Who does Winnie meet in the wood?
Winnie meets Jesse there.
Why was the wood so isolated all these years?
The Treegap road went around the wood and never into it, so people left the wood unspoiled.
How would you describe Winnie?
Winnie appears to be an only child who is always under the watchful care of her family.