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what are the two types of periodic screening?
annual and triennial
who must be annually screened?
personnel in ops units and units with high risk of TB exposure
what are examples of annual screening rqmnts?
all shipboard personnel, deployable navy and MC units, health care workers, when recommended by the cognizant NAVENPNTMEDU
what are examples of triennial screening rqmnts?
physical exams, receipt for pcs orders, review of medical records, reporting for active duty
all personnel should have a documented screening within __ year(s) period before sep. from service.
one year
when do you need to obtain a chest radiograph?
ONLY if clinically indicated for the dx or eval of suspected TB or other medical condition.
when are chest radiographs required?
all newly TB reactors, when active disease is suspected, with tuberculin reactors
when are dependents required to be screened?
recommendation of the cognizant NAVENPVNTMEDU for those living in high risk areas.
what does PPD stand for?
purified protein derivative
how much is a single dose of PPD
0.1 ml of intermediate strength (5 TU)
how long until the test is read?
48-72 hours
how do you measure the induration (swelling)
in millimeters at its widest transvers diameter (across the arm)
what size of measurment with reaction is important?
what does BCG stand for
bacillus calmette-guerin vaccination