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O: Sternum, Clavicle
I: Mastoid Process
A: Bilateral: Flex of neck
Unilateral: Lateral Flex of neck-the muscle of same side is contracting
Rotate head- the muscle opposite the rotation contracts
Rectus abdominis
only action
I:Xiphoid process, ribs 5,6,7
A: Flexion of trunk, Compression of abdominal contents (guts)
Internal oblique
only action
I:Lower 4 ribs (9-12)(not all)
A: Bilateral: Flexion of trunk (think sit ups), Compression of guts
Unilateral: Lateral Flex, Rotation of trunk (think of elbow to opp knee)
O: Between ribs
I: Between ribs
A: Elevates ribs
Transverse abdominis
only action
A: Compression of ab contents
Erector spinae
only action
A: Bilateral: Ext of spine
Unilateral: Lateral flex of spine
only action and innervation
A: Increases diamter of thoracic cavity in inspiration
Innervation: Phrenic nerve