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In what colony does "Truesight" take place?
Harmony Station
When we first meet Delaney, what does she whisper into Jackson's ear?
"Help me get out."
Name one of the two ways adult men in Harmony Station wear their hair.
They grow it long and pull it back, or shave it all off.
Who is Jacob's best friend?
What is the name of the philosophy that guides Harmony Station?
What specialization was it Jacob's dream to have?
What was Jacob's topic for the final project at school?
The formation of the orginal community, which led to the Foundation's establishment.
In what century did bioengineering first become standard practice among expectant parents on Earth?
21st Century
What is Jacob's mother's name?
What is Jacob's last name?
Who is Martin Corrow?
Delaney's father and High Councilor of Harmony.
What is the Foundation's Motto?
Blindness is purity. Blindness is unity. Blindness is freedom.
Who were the two founders of the Foundation?
Francis and Jean Aldrich.
On what continent was the first community of sightless people organized?
Who were the Oedipi?
People who voluntarily became blind.
Whose father is an Oedipi?
What cardinal rule of the community did Jacob's mother break to save Jacob from the men?
She lied.
What instrument does Jacob's mother play at Delaney's funeral?
A harp.
The book "Truesight" is divided into how many parts?
What breakfast does Jacob's mother serve him on his birthday?
How did everyone think Delaney died?
They think she committed suicide.
When is Jacob first able to see perfectly clearly for the first time?
When he is on the hill with Egan.
What color hair does Jacob's mom have?
Blond hair.
What gift do Jacob's parents give him for his 13th birthday?
A music box.
What is the name of the man that Jacob follows because the man stole food from the storehouse?
Tobin Fletcher.
What canned food does Jacob end up taking back to his house?
How many cans of of Pears does Jacob take home?
Why does Jacob become bitter when he skips school to watch the workers in the fields harvesting?
The workers were eating the food they were harvesting.
Who are the fixers?
The fixers took in people who were having trouble with life in Harmony.
What item that belonged to Delaney does Jacob ask her father for?
Her sounder.
What does the High Counciler say he did with Delaney's sounder?
He says he buried it with her.
When Jacob goes to take his mother flowers, what does he see?
His mother kissing a man that's not his father.
Who does Jacob first tell that he can see?
What does Egan think Jacob should do about the fact that he can see?
Jacob should tell the council.
What color are the gowns that the members of council wear?
What does the council decide to do to Jacob?
He will be submitted to the ghostbox for surgery to remove his eyesight and erase his memory of the past few weeks.
How does Jacob discover that Delaney had runaway?
He used the finder to find her sounder.
What does Jacob's mother cook for him on the morning he is supposed to visit the ghostbox?
Bacon and Eggs.
Who is Jacob's mother having an affair with?
The High Counciler, Martin Corrow.
What dreadfull secret does Jacob learn about the High Counciler?
The High Counciler can see.
What is the name of the planet the story takes place on?
Nova Campi
What is the main occupation of the people on this planet
Agriculture or farming
Everyone on this planet is genetically engineered to be what?
The name of the settlement the two computer technicians come to is?
Harmony Station
What are humans that can see called?
What is the name of the other colony on Nova Campi
The pins worn by the "blinders" do what?
emit a sound of different pitch and frequency that identifies him/her
Holman and Jackson are at Harmony to do what?
fix the "ghost box" that controls the technology in Harmony
Who tried to escape Harmony with Jackson and Holman?
A girl named Delaney
What did Delaney ask Jackson to do?
Help get her out of Harmony
When we are first introduced to Jacob, what is he doing?
Getting a haircut by his mom
What is the Foundation?
The founding group of people from Earth that started the blind colony
What birthday is Jacob getting ready to celebrate and why is it significant?
His 13th. It is significant because at this age each person is assigned a "specialization"
What are the specializations of his parents?
father- a farmer or grower mother- a music teacher
Who is best friend?
The founding philosophy that guides the community of Harmony is called?
Who is Jacob's mother's music student?
The sounders and the path finders work together for what purpose?
To help the blind get around the town's streets
What is a finder?
A finder is a device that can read everyone's sounder and help locate lost or missing people
What does Egan keep and give to Jacob that should have been turned in?
A finder is a device that can read everyone's sounder and help locate lost or missing people
What happened to Jacob during the lesson on using the finder?
He experiences a severe headache
What errand does Jacob's mother send him on the next day?
To tell Delaney tomorrow's music lesson is canceled
Delaney's father is what specialization?
High Councilor
According to the philosophy of TRUESIGHT blindness is what 3 things?
purity, unity, and freedom
Jacob's school report was on what?
The origins of the Foundation and Harmony Station
What does Egan want to do that is strictly forbidden in the community?
Break curfew and go and watch the delivery of items from outside the colony
Who does Jacob see when he sneaks to the delivery site and what are they doing?
He sees Delaney and she is trying to escape Harmony
When Jacob arrives home, he hears some startling news. What is it?
Delaney is dead
When someone dies in Harmony, the funeral is a public event. Name the two funeral rituals of the colony
The deceased's sounder is given to a relative and people trace the face of the diseased with their fingers
How was Delaney's funeral different?
Only a few people attended
Jacob's mother gives him a special privilege on his birthday. What is it?
He gets to stay home from school
During his race with Egan, What is Jacob experiencing?
His eyesight is getting clearer and stronger
What is the gift given to Jacob for his birthday?
A new music box to replace the one he broke
What does Jacob see happen that is considered one of the worst crimes in Harmony?
He sees Tobin Fletcher, a neighbor stealing food
How does Jacob benefit from the crime?
He picks up a case of pears Tobin dropped
Jacob skips school to watch the farmers harvest the crop. What does he witness and what does he do?
The harvesting machine runs over one of the farmers injuring him badly. Jacob activates his emergency call on his sounder
What does Jacob's mother find in his room? What does she think?
She finds an empty pear can and thinks Jacob is the thief
Jacob goes to visit Delaney's father to get what? Is he successful?
He wants to get her sounder for his mother, he tells Jacob NO, he wants to keep it.
During the Friday exercises, Jacob is startled by what?
How beautiful a girl in his class named Beth is.
What does Jacob see while hiding from Egan?
A bearded man kissing and embracing his mother.
What news does Egan share with Jacob?
He will leave Harmony to go back to Earth to study with the Foundation
Egan gives Jacob something he stole> What was it?
The finder from school
How does Egan react when Jacob reveals he can see?
He is shocked, but promises to keep his secret.
The day after Jacob tells Egan about his sight, what happens
The Listeners come to school to get him.
What does the council decide to do about Jacob's site?
Give him surgery to make him blind and erase his memory of his sight
When Jacob sneaks out, what does he take with him and what does it help him discover?
He takes the finder and learns Delaney didn't die, but escaped
Jacob is shocked dto learn two things about the High Councilor. What are they?
He can see and he knew Delaney didn't die or He was his mother's lover
What does Jacob do after his encounter with the High Councilor?
Takes off, goes home for supplies and escapes Harmony
What was the chant about blindness that everyone recited at the "Gathering"?
Blindness is Purity, Blindness is Unity, Blindness is Freedom
Jacob follows Tobin who has stolen some foodstuff from the storehouse. What was in the cardboard box that Tobin drops?
cans of pears
For his fifth birthday, Jacob received a small metal toy. What was it?
a music box
Who is Mr. Robison?
their orientation teacher
When is a sounder supposed to be on or engaged?
in public areas
What does Jacob see his father and other growers doing?
stealing and eating tomatoes from the field
What was the first thing that Jacob saw?
a spider eating his prey
Who formulated the philosophy called Truesight
Francis and Jean Aldrich
What Harmony Fountain was Jacob's Favorite?
North Tier
What is the most important virtue in Harmony?
Truth or Acceptance
What did Jacob say a dead body felt like?
cold, plastic, and stiff
What color was Jacob's mom's hair?
What gift did Jacob's parents give him on his 13th birthday?
a new music box
When he was younger, why was Jacob frightened by large animals?
One of the cows knocked him down and licked his face
What crop were the workers harvesting when a worker was knocked to the ground?
Every sounder has a panic function. What activates it?
pound it three times in quick succession
Who were the "fixers"?
people who took in others who were having trouble in life or who couldn't follow the rules
Who was Jacob teamed with in hide and seek?
What smell helped Jacob identify his schoolmate, Beth?
What did Delaney's father do with her sounder after she died?
buried it with her
Who was the first person that Jacob told about his eyesight
What was at the entrance to the council house?
two large wind chimes made of metal pipes
What did the high councilor say "corrupts the mind with distractions?
The high councilor said that Justice is ….?
In addition to removing his sight, what else did they plan to do during surgery?
Erase his memory of the time he could see
What did the high councilor do that let Jacob know that the councilor could see?
What did Jacob do when he discovered the high councilor could see?
ran away
Who did Jacob discover using the finder?
that Delaney ran away
Who did Jacob discover was having an affair with his mother?
the high councilor
Name three item Jacob took with him when he ran away?
cheese, bread, cans of pears,knife, cup , bowl, electric lighter, blanket, shirt, towel
What is the ghostbox?
the computer that runs the power, etc. in Harmony
How many moons does Nova Campi have?
two moons