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how many tires does the truck have
flying sequence
ladder is at max strength when...
-at shortest radius
-at max length
-highest elevation
tipping conditions reactions include
retract and/or elevate
what determines ladder speed
-engine rpm
-lever distance from neutral
never rapidly ____ swing direction
proper deployment of outriggers is to...
relieve weight from springs and tires (rear tires off ground). ground contact is allowed but weight must be shifted to torque box
clearance for pins
1/4 inch
when parked side hill, what side of outriggers get lowered first
low side
outrigger system is activated when..
ladder is fully retracted and bedded
outrigger interlock is used for ___ and ___ outriggers
setting and stowing
outrigger interlock override is designed for use when...
situations where lives are at risk and no other options are available
using the interlock and electrical failure occures
-interlock becomes non-op
-pull and turn 1/4 turn valve
-push thumb busters and operate controls
manual platform leveling
-clear personnel & loose equip
-outside in a clear area
-outriggers set and ladder extended 10 feet
complete shutoff of water should not be attempted from bucket unless...
-operator notified
-flow has been shut down to waterway
-emergency exists and does not allow redirection of waterflow
in cold weather, hydraulic oil should be brought to ___ degrees F while used in slow idle
60 degrees
load capacitites are established with __ ____ equipment
no addition
reduction in load capacities must be made to compensate for ___ and/or ___
snow and ice
yellow zone___ and are ___
reduce load capacities by half and are from 6%-14% or 3.5-8 degrees
red zones___ and are ___
no fly zones and are greater than 14% or 8 degrees
green zones___ and are ___
are full capacity and are 0-6% or 0-3.5 degrees
___ paint is cause for ladder testing
cracking, blistering, discolor
when servicing aerial should be rotated ___ __ ___ and lowered to ___
-over the rear
-the ground
before intiating maintenance ___ ____ all circuits
shut down
test ladder...
once a year by an indepent agency
wind limitation
30 mph
if aerial contacts wires
remail on apparatus until power is off or aerial is freed
avoid placing platform
-directly over roof
-over people and fire ground operations
hour meter reads when...
pto is engaged
cab high idle
1200 rpm. is used for charging system when emergency light are in use. not intended for aerial ops
ladder power
when on, a relay connects electrical power from batteries to aerial circuits
what to check if pto does not come on
-neutral, brake, 9 amp fuse mounted at switch
how does pto engage
switch energizes a solenoid, allowing transmission fluid to the pto. a clutch within the pto engages the shaft transferring power to hydraulic pump
before engaging the pto
-parking brake
all aerial functions except ___ may be performed simultaneously with water tower operations
outrigger circuit pressure gauge
0-5000 psi. piped directly into outrigger valve bank
outrigger fully deployed lights
activated by beam and jack limit switches-must both be activated to illuminate light
interlock override
allows jack to be lowered without beam being fully extended "short set"
1.5 gpm at 2000 psi
12 volt dc
manual circuit selector
1/4 turn used in electrical failure. allows hydraulic fluid to the valve bank allowing standard operations
manual interlock override
"thumb busters" electric failure covered interlock override becomes non-op. button shifts flow if need to appropriate jack for short set
platform leveling power control "mushroom"
when both are on levels platform to horizon. if off master/slave takes over
outrigger interlock override on the platform
if short set, must use to move the aerial
gpm for shower nozzle
100 gpm
ladder is most stable where
45 degrees to eithe side off of the rear
fire scene considerations
-required reach
-intended use
-ground condition and slopes
-overhead obstruction
-over the rear
-access to equipment
-existing and expected conditions