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a feather and a rock dropped at the same time from the same height would land at the same time when dropped by...
an astronant on the moon
if an object is thrown with a horizontal push and accelerated downward by gravity it is...
projectile motion
when a soccer ball is kickedm, the action and reaction forces do NOT cancel eachother out because...
the forces act on 2 different things
decreases as the mass of the object increases, increases as the object increases, and is in the same direction as the force of an object
a golf ball and a bowling ball are moving at the same velocity. which has more momentum?
the bowling ball, cuz it has more mass
if three balls of different materials were dropped at the same time from the same height, which would hit the ground first?
they would hit at the same time
a 5 kg object has less inertia than a ____object
(1 kg =1,000 kg)
according to Newtom's first law of motion , a moving object that is not acted on by an unbalanced force will
remain in motion
galileo proved that the rate at which an object falls...
is not affected by the mass
all objects accelerate toward the earth at a rate of 9.8 m/s/s. this means that for every second that an object falls, its downward velocity
increases by 9.8m/s
air resistence is...
a.sliding friction
b.rolling friction
c.fluid friction
c. fluid friction
the amount of air resistence acting of an object depends on the object's ...
size and shape
terminal velocity is reached when the net force on an falling object reaches ...
0 N.
astronats float inside the space shuttle because they...
are in free fall
____is a measure of inertia
Newton's second law of motion states that an object's acceleration...
increases as its mass decreases and as the force acting on it increases
Newton's third law of motion states that if a force is excerted on an object, another force occurs that...
is equal in size and opposite in direction
action and reaction force pairs occur...
only when there is motion
inertia is used when explaining Newton's...
1st law of motion
terminal velocity...
has a balanced net force
becuase of projectile motion, when aiming at a target you should always aim
above the bull's eye
what is unbalanced force that maintains circular motion for an object in orbit?
centripetal force
if a car driver suddenly makes a sharp turn, the passenger slides to the side of the car because of...
when an airplane takes off, you tend to fall backward beacause of...
when you bump onto someone standingt still, you can knock them over because of
projectile motion
the curved path traveled by a thrown baseball is known as
projectile motion
any object in circular motion
constatly changes motion
projectile motion has two...
components- horizontal and vertical
a force.. expressed in Newtons push or pull
c.object to speed up change direction, or slow down
d.all of above expressed in Newtons push or pull
c.object to speed up change direction, or slow down
the force of gravity is greater between two objects that
have greater masses
balanced forces applied to an object...
produce a net force of zero
a force opposes motion between two surfaces that r touching is
the planets are held in their orbits by ____forces
gravitational force depends on the_______of the objects and the distance between them
a black hole's gravitational force increases as
mass increases
when gravitational force changes,
weight changes
m/s south