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The point where a graph switches from increasing to decreasing or vice versa is called a(n) ____
A function that has both (x,y) and (-x,y) on the graph for every possible point is called a(n) ___ function.
A graph that has a global maximum and a global minimun is a ___ function.
The point where concavity switches is called a(n) ___.
point of inflection
If we are dealing with an algebraic odel of a real life situation, like the equation for distance, that requires a domain restriction in order for the model to make sense then that domain is called the ___ domain.
The domain of the algebraic function that does not take into account any real world applications but instead only looks at where the algebraic expression is defines is called the ___ domain.
In an algebraic expression, there are two cases where domain restrictions occur, when _____ or ____.
The denominator equals 0 or the square root of a negative #
An x-intercept occurs when the graph switches form ___ to ___ or vice versa.
positive to negative
A function that has both (x,y) and (-x,-y) on the grtaph for every possivle point is called a(n) ___ function.
A graph that has an extrema that is a global minimum with a restricted range from the minimum to infinity has a(n) ___.
lower bound
___ and ___ are more precise units of measurement for angles than a degree.
minutes and seconds
Angles sketched in standard poistion always place the vertex on the ___ and the intiial ray on the ___.
origin; positive x axis
When sketching a negative angle, the direction for drawing the arc should be ___.
If two angles drawn in standards position end at the same laction but are not the same angle then they shar a ____ and are called ___ angles.
terminal ray; coterminal
___ is a unit of measurement for angles that connects the measurement of the angel to the length of the arc.
There are exactly ___ radii lengths in one circumference of a circle.
the family of angles that have terminal sides which lie on the x or y axes are called the ___ family.