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Who couldn't fit in the door of Mrs. Treble Clef's house, so he stayed outside?
He is too big to fit inside the door.
Who arrived early to Mrs. Treble Clef's party, so he curled up on his line to wait for others to arrive?
Creepy Crawly Critter
He fell asleep on the line.
Who decided to stay outside with Dino because there was more room to bounce (she bounces on Mr. Bass Clef's house)
Becky the Bouncing Bird
She flew to the party
To whom did Mrs. Treble Clef say, "Don't you come in here with your muddy boots"? He only made it as far as the first space...
Fireman Fred
He drove to the party in his fire truck.
Who stood in the doorway of Mrs. Treble Clef's house so that everyone could see how pretty she looks when they came to the party?
Edyth the Elegant Elk
She wore an elegant dress.