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What was the treaty of versailles?
A formal peace agreement for Germany
Who drafted its terms?
The 'Big 3'. The leaders of Britian, France and America.
What were the 3 leaders opions on what to do?
*Georges Clemenceau (FRANCE) - He wanted to make Germany pay, Punish them harshly
*Lloyd George (BRITIAN) - He thought the Germans must not be treated too harshly
*Woodrow Wilson (AMERICA) - He wasnt too bitter, Treat Germany fairly.
What were the terms of the treaty?
*Clemenceau's views dominated the document
*Germany had to pay for all of it
*German Army reduced to 100,000 men
*loose all territory and be split in two to form Poland
*Germany was to loose all overseas colonies
What was Germany's reaction?
Thought they would get better treatment. Annoyed that they were blamed for the war. Given no choice but to sign