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What is data analysis for?
To interpret the evaluation information
What are the 3 areas analyzed?
* client's expected environment and roles (where is he being d/c to?)
*Areas of dysfunciton (problem list)
*Areas of function (list of strengths)
What are 3 types of goals?
LTG: expected outcome of intervention
STG: small steps to obtaining LTG: simplest first
OBJECTIVES: (aka intermediate goals) options to be able to reach STG
What 3 components should goals posses?
1) functional
2) measurable
3) conditional
What are the 4 general goals of OT:
1)TX/Functional Restoration
2)Maintenance of Function
When is TX/Functional Restoration goals used?
*When there is no DX; in a non-medical facility.
*Used in schools, social type of facilities.
*Sensory integration can fall under this heading
When is Maintenance of Function goals used?
*For deteriorating, mental, neuro, chronic type of pts.
*This goal is to keep, hence maintenance, pt at current level as long as possible
When is Rehabilitation
goals used?
When you want to treat the impairment directly; could be a DX or NOT; to rehab to pre-morbid state; used in phys dys conditions
When is Prevention
goals used?
-To prevent risks. Need to dicifer possible risks pt could be confronted with.
-No dysfunction yet.
-any type of client can benefit from this type of goal
After interview, evaluation, data analysis and setting goals, what's next?
Treatment implementation
What are the 3 areas to consider when thinking of TX implementation?
1) Client (pt)
2) Environment
3) Activity
If an activity is to be occupation, what must it be for the client?
It must engage the pt's resources and make sense to his values
What is Positive Spiral of Motivation
Client: TX Implementaion
What is lack of motivation seen as?
*LEARNED helplessness
*Rarely due to lack of interest in obtaining goals
What are some ways to motivate the client in therapy?
-provide stimulating, yet comfortable environ
-Maintain novelty
-Provide chance to explore
-Help build sense of efficacy
-Task should suit pt's level
-TAsk should meet pt's values
-Should be challenging, yet no so difficult
-Ensure success for completion
-Allow pt to be responsible for actions
-Treat pt as competent
-Show respect
What are the 3 aspects considered when choosing an activity environment?
1- Human aspect: includes therapist, staff and other pts
2-Non human aspect:Physical aspects
3)Manipulating the environment: that its designed to meet pt needs
Activity: if it has no meaning or value to the pt...(finish thought)
then it is NOT OT
What is function good for?
-normal development
-to explore the environment
-intrinsically satisfying
-used to learn and practice skills
-provides need gratification
-provides opp for relationships
What if pt in not able to perform activities competently?
It will lead to maladaptive behavior(s).
Define Activity Analysis:
Process of identifying the components of the activity and therefore the demands it makes on the performer
What is task analysis
analyzing the sequential steps, and determining the extent of difficulty for the pt
In determining the task sequence and performance level, what will analysis help do?
-select teaching method (backward/forward chaining)
-selet activity to meet a therapeutic aim
-adapt an activity to meet pt's needs
-ID the steps the pt is having difficulty with.
What can we do to the activity to adapt it?
Activity adaptation: design an activity or alter an existing activity
If the activity adaptation is permanent, we call that?
Activity modification
The activity elements potential for change include?
*materials and equip used
*method used to do the step/task
How can we change the difficulty of the activity (name 2)?