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Over-crowded mental hospitals removed patients who were not considered a threat when better drugs were created
Systematic statistical method for synthesizing the results of numerous research studies dealing with the same variables
Free Association
Having a patient say whatever comes to mind
Manifest content
Surface meaning of recalled dream
Latent content
Underlying meaning of a dream
Blocking of anxiety-provoking feelings and experiences
Responding to an analyst as though a significant person in client’s life
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Shorter, less frequent, talking with therapist
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Aims for people to gain insight into the causes of their problems
Unconditional positive regard
Providing an atmosphere of acceptance
Nondirective Psychotherapy
Encouraging client to take the lead in determining the direction of therapy
Active Listening
Involves echoing, restating, and seeking clarification of what the client says and does
Gestalt Therapy
Goal is to push clients to decide whether to allow past conflicts to control their future or to right now take control
Behavior Therapy
Goal is to stop unwanted behavior and replace it with more adaptive behavior
Systematic Desensitization
Behavior therapy founded on the idea that an anxiety response is inhibited by an incompatible relaxation response
Anxiety Hierarchy
Listing fears from anxiety from least feared, to greatest
Stopping the conditioned response to help phobias and anxiety disorders
Behavior Modification
Client selects a goal and receives a small reward until the intended goal is finally reached
Social skills training
Behavior therapy used to improve interpersonal skills by using modeling, behavioral rehearsal and shaping
Behavioral therapy that involves giving the individual immediate info about the degree to which he/she is able to change anxiety-related responses
Rational Emotive Therapy
RET)Idea that anxiety, guilt, depression, and other psychological problems result from self-defeating thoughts
Cognitive restructuring
Turning faulty and disordered thoughts into more realistic thoughts
Cognitive Triad
Looking at what a person thinks about themselves, their world and their future
Use of psychotrophic drugs to treat mental illness
(tranquilizers)Increase the availability of GABA to reduce psychological arousal
Elevate mood by making the neurotransmitters serotonin more available at the synapse to stimulate postsynaptic neurons
(Psychoactive drugs) Activate motivational centers and reduce activity in inhibitory centers of the central nervous system by increasing activity of dopamine, etc
Powerful medicines that reduce tension, decrease hallucinations, etc. Block dopamine receptors
Tardive Dyskinesia
Problems with walking, drooling, and muscle spasms. Side effect of Neuroleptics
Electro Shock Treatment
(ECT) Last resort to treat severely depressed patients, usually are restored to healthy mental functioning Reason Unknown
Removal of brain tissue; last resort and irreversible
Prefrontal Lobotomy
Cutting the main neural tracts connecting lower brain regions to the frontal lobes to reduce intensity of their emotional responses