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What are the 3 subsystems of treatment (strategies) for intervention
1- Techniques
2- Media/modalities
3- Therapeutic approaches or teaching methods
What do techniques include?
Normal performanc
Adapted- change perf method
Environment- when 1st 2 fail, make permanent arrangements
Why are the therapeutic approaches or teaching methods used?
Because OT must know different methods to teach same task.
What are the teaching methods?
* Demonstration
* Exploration and Discovery
* Explanation & discussion
* Role playing and simulation
* Problem solving
* Audio-visual aids
* Repetition and practice
* Behavioral Mgmnt
* Patient education
What are the steps involved in problem solving?
1) Identify/Define the problem as yours in reality terms.
2)Brainstorm: write down ideas, even if one doesn't make sense
3- Choose the best solution
then look at the consequences for each solution. Continue looking at consequences for negatives
4- Impliment: If problem solved (you get positive reinf and should give self reinforcement) If not solved go back to step #1
Educational Model: What are the steps for Blooms' taxonomy of learning
1- knowledge: info to be learned
2- comprehension: understand, not just memorize
3- application: demonstration of knowledge in rote way
4- analysis:disect activity into steps
5- Synthesis (re-create, put together)
6- evaluation: look at new pieces of info; determine significance.
Group therapy: what are the 3 levels?
1- Parallel level
2- Project group
3- Egocentric-cooperative level
When is the parallel level group used?
usually the 1st group the pt is involved in.
Pt is not expected to interact-only tolerate the presence of others.
Focus is in performing the task in presence of others
What is typical in project group therapy?
Pt participates along with the others in completing one project. The project is broken down and the members take a piece to work on
What is typical in egocentric-cooperative group therapy?
The person is aware of the whole project but participates by inputting her/his particular skills. It's more of a WIIFM attitude
What are the modality groups available?
* functional activities
* self-care activities
* work-related activities
* leisure activities
* homemaking activities