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Treaty of Paris - 1763
Ended French and Indian War
Treaty of Paris - 1783
Ended American Revolution
Treaty of Greenville - 1765
Ended Miami Indian Wars in Ohio
Treaty of Ghent - 1814
Ended War of 1812
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo - 1848
Ended Mexcian-American War
Treaty of Paris - 1898
Ended Spanish-American War
Treaty of Versailles - 1919
Ended World War I
Jay's Treaty - 1794
Signed by Jay and Grenville; tried to resolve U.S.-Britain trade and other issues and preserve American neutrality in European wars
Pinckney's Treaty - 1795
Spain agreed to U.S.-Florida border at 31st parallel and granted U.S. free navigation of the Mississippi and right of deposit in New Orleans
Louisiana Purchase - 1803
Monroe and Livingston bought 800,000 square miles from Talleyrand and Napoleon for $15 million
Rush-Bagot Treaty - 1817
Limited U.S. and British naval power on the Great Lakes
Adams-Onis Treaty - 1819
Spain ceded Florida to U.S.
Clayton-Bulwar Treaty - 1850
Neither U.S. nor Britain should control a canal in Panama
Gadsen Purchase - 1853
Gadsen negotiated purchase of land in AZ and NM from Santa Anna for $10 million
Gentlemen's Agreement - 1900
Japan would stop issuing passports to emigrants in exchange for CA no persecuting Japanese
Hay-Paunceforte Treaty - 1901
Overrode Clayton-Bulwer, allowing U.S. to build a canal in Panama
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty - 1903
Panama gave U.S. canal zone
Root-Takahira Treaty - 1908
Japan respected U.S.'s Open Door policy in China
Geneva Protocol - 1925
Bans bavterial and gas weapons
Kellogg-Briand Pact -1928
15 nations agreed to ban war as an instrument of national policy
SALT I - 1972
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; US and USSR signed Anti-Ballistic Missiles Treaty and Interim Agreement on the Limitation of STrategic Offensive Arms
Camp David Accords - 1978
Peace between Egypt and Israel; included al-Sadat, Begin, and Carter
SALT II - 1979
STrategic Arms Limitations Talks; US and USSR limited nuclear launchers; never officially ratified
START I - 1991
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty; Bush and Gobachev reduced nuclear arsenals; five former Soviet republics signed on in 1992
START II - 1993
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty; Bush and Yeltsin reduced nuclear arsenals
Declaration of Prinviples - 1993
Rabin (Israel) and Arafat (PLO) agreed to limited Palestinian self-rule in Gaza and Jericho