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Trauma is primary mortalilty for who
americans 1-45
what is npo status for trauma victims
always assume full stomach
RSI with cric. -give posterior neck support if cervical injury is suspected
when to take C collar off
no until cervical instability has been ruled out
what to do if pt has esophageal obturator
intubate first then remove esophageal obturator
postive pressure ventilation is bad for who
someone with lung contusion
first indication of hemorrhagic shock
Initial abg with the base deficit climbing will be an indicator for what during trauma
hypovolemia that has increasing tissue hypoxia
after initial volume replacement - if immediate decrease in hr and improvement in BP is not seen assume what
massive blood loss- more crystalloids colloids and blood
what is anesthesia's role in neurological trauma
prevent degenerating cycle of brain cell hypoxia by maintaining perfusion and oxygenation
induction agent for neuro trauma
In neurogenic shock stop CVP where
18 to prevent pulmonary edema
chest tube before or after intubation?/
what to you do when you have a lacerated bleeding lung
use double lumen tube
what will an injured heart have
ST segment and T wave changes
what will ruptured spleen look like
referred shoulder pain
tense belly
hemodynamically unstable
all multiple traumas need what
foley catheter
what pressure is found when a fasciotomy is needed
40 cmH2o
pelvic and long bone fractures have danger of what
fat embolism