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______ comprises the sclera and cornea.
_____ is a full-thickness injury
open globe injury
____ is no full-thickness wounds of the eyewall. Give 3 examples
closed globe wound (choriodal rupture, angle recession, lens subluxation)
___ has an entrance wound present (a retained FB)
_____ has an entrance and an exit wound.
_______ not full-thickness, the energy of a blnt object.
contusion (a bruise)
_____ is a partial-thickness wound of the eyewall.
lamellar laceration
____ is a full-thickness wound of the eyewall, caused by a sharp object. (outside in mechanism)
___ is a full-thickness wound of the eyewall caused by a blunt object. (yields at its weakest point--inside out mechanism)
What are the 4 categories of globe injury?
1- type
2- grade
3- presence or absence of APD
4- extent (zone) of injury
What is the only circumstance where you do not do VAs first?
chemical exposure
If you have an injury OD, do you have to check VA OS?
YES, always check the fellow eye
According to Dr. Crook, when taking VAs--do it ____ AND with ____.
unaided and with pin hole
______ is theinitial force produced at the point of implact.
_____ is the shock wave transmission through ocular structures.
countra coup
In equatorial expansion the ________ is distorted.
normal architecture
_______ involves compression and indentation at the moment of impact, damaging internal ocular structures
global repositioning
The cornea is involved in ______ of all serious eye trauma in the US.
83% of corneal injuries involve ______.
_____ corneal lacerations involve full-thickness lacerations.
A ______ results when basal epithelial cells are removed from the basement membrane.
corneal abrasion
What will occur if bowman's membrane is breaches?
a SCAR!!
In photokeratitis (UV induced) symptoms start ______.
6-12 hours post-exposure
how do we treat corneal abrasions?
cycloplege, topical antibiotics and a SCL patch.
7-8% of corneal abrasions result in ______.
What is AM syndrome?
opening the eyes in the morning scrapes off the epithelium and hurts
How do you treat a FB?
1- remove FB
2- cycloplege
3- topical Ab
How do you determine how deep a FB is?
optic section
What are 3 tests you can do to ensure no perforation?
1- Seidels
2- gonio
3- DFE
What would you do if the FB was deep in the stroma, was inert, small, nontoxic and non-vergetative?
leave it there!
If ou have an intraocular FB, what is the perferred imaging method?
CT scan
Can an intraocular FB cause endophthalmitis and/or RD?