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PROVERBS 16:5 says, Everyojne who is _______ in _______ is an _________ to the Lord.
proud; heart; abomination
Matthew 23:12 Jesus said, "and whoever ____ himself shall be _____, and whoever ______ himself that be exalted."
exaclts; humlbed; humbles
Conviction #1 If I am to ______ up and become a true ________ of Jesus Christ, I must _________ my _______ to my God.
grow; disciple; submit;will
Convction #2: "I realize that how I __________ to my parent's ________ and ________ reveals whether my __________ is full of ________ and rebellions is of a ___________ spirit."
submit; standards; request; heart; pride; teachable
Ask yourself the following questions?
Do you argue with your parents when they correct you for doing something wrong? (think)
When they give you a job, do you do it immediately or put it off?___________ obedience is _________________.
Delayed obedience is disobedience.
Are you willing to abide by the fules you rparents have set in you rfamily?
Are you willing to admit to your parents that you are wrong?
Are you willing to be totally honestly accountable to you rparenats for all the boundaries they have set for you?
What tone of voice do you use with your parents?
What body language do you communicate and use with your parents?
Do you listen respectfully to yoru parents and try to see their viewpoint on things?
What do you tell your friends about your parents?
Think of these answers and check your attitude!!!
1. Who gave you to your parents?
2. Who wants what is best for you and are committed to helping make that happen?
1. God
2. Parents
Parents are responsible for _________ you somethings that will ______ you to _________ and grow into the kind of person _____ made you to be.
teaching; help; mature; and God