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what does blood consist of?
plasma, platelets, blood cells
what does plasma consist of?
1. soluble proteins (serum albumin, serum globulin, fibrinogen, prothrombin)antibodies

2. dissolved mineral salts (occur as ions)

3. food substance

4. excretory waste products

5. hormones
structure of red blood cells
circular, flattened, biconcave disc making the centre of the cell thinner than its edge. does not poseesess a nucleus. elastic
red blood cells produced by what?
bone marrow
lifespan of red bloodcells
3-4 months
red blood cells contain what pigment?
(contains iron)
what does haemoglobin enable red blood cells to do?
transport oxygen from the lungs to all cells in the body
how is haemoglobin broken down?
breaks down to iron stored in liver, and bile pigments excreted into the gut in the bile