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Definition of Autograft?
Transplant that occurs from one location to another within the same individual
Definition of Allogenic graft?
Graft transplant between different people of the same species
Definition of Syngeneic graft?
Graft trabsplant b/w monozygotic twins
Definition of Xenograft?
Graft transplanted from one species to another
Why does graft rejection occur?
MHCII allele products are recognized as foreign by CTLs, Macro, Abs - the graft is destroyed
Definition of hyperacute graft rejection?
Preformed Antidonor Ab and complement destroy the graft within minutes
Definition of accelerated graft rejection?
When sensitized T cells are reactivated to destroy the graft within days
Definition of acute graft rejection?
When CTLs cells are activated for the 1st time reacting against foreign MHCII destroy the graft within weeks
Reverseible with cyclosporin or OKT3
Definition of chronic graft rejection?
When Abs (maybe immune complexes, or cytotoxic cells) destroy the graft within months to years. produces fibrinoid necrosis.
Definition AND Sx of GvHD?
When mature T cells inside the bone marrow transplant become activated against the MHC products of the recipient
Sx: Rash w/desquamation, jaundice, bloody diarrhea