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transmission of culture
a function of the media that helps socialize people, it occurs most often but is recognized the least
morally loaded
an issue,that peoplemay fall silent about, according to Spiral of Silence theory
one behaves in a way that is inconsistent with beliefs
mean world syndrome
acc. to cultivation theory, this is the result of heavy viewing of TV that leads to people beleiveing the world is dangerous
vicarious reinforcement
in Social Learning theory, the idea tha tif i watch a behavior performed and it is rewarded(punished), i will learn whether the behavior is good or bad
function of the media that gives people specific information about a specific topic
opinion leaders
according to DIT, these are poeple that don't adopt an innovation righ taway, but take their time.
observational learning
SLT the idea tha tpeople can learn a behavior from watching it on tv.
dirrect effects
media effects theories that say that the media has a powerful/strong effect on its audience
magic bullet
media affects theory that says that a media shoots its influence directly into the viewer.
functional similarity
accrd, to displacement theory, this term refers to the activities that TV replaced
accrd. to DIT, talk that opinion leaders engage in that promotes an innovations
accrd. to DIT talk that opinon leaders engage in that promote an innovation
SLT,the idea that people take on the character traits or persona of someone in the media
a functin of the media that entertains(if i miss this fucking question i do not deserve to pass this class!)
function of the media that gives general answers about the world
accrd. to DIT talk that opinion leaders engage in that idicates how they feel about an innovation.
hypodermic needle
media effects theory that says that the media injects its influence directly into the viewer.
accrd. to DIT, talk tha topinion leaders engage in tha tmakes people aware of an innovation
accrd. to DIT, talk that opinion leaders engage in that shows how an inovation works
opinion followers
people who arent OL's are considered this
crtical mass
accrd. to DIT, this is when15-20% of a population adopts an innovation and then, if it is a product can be mass produced
limited effects theories
media effects theories that say its the media+something else that causes the effect
early adopters
another name for opinion leaders
SLT, the idea that people copy what they see on TV