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Quiero que jueguen esta tarde.
Quiero: Querer, Present Indicitive
Jueguen: Jugar, Present Subjunctive

I want them to play this afternoon.
Quería que jugaran por la tarde.
Quería: Querer, Imperfect
Jugaran: Jugar, Past (Imperfect) Subjunctive

"I wanted them to play in the afternoon."
Siente que no estén allí esta noche.
Siente: Sintir (to feel/sense/regret), Present Indic.
Estén: Estar (to be), Present Subjunctive

He's sorry (that) they aren't there tonight.
Sintió que no estuvieran allí anoche.
Sintió: Sentir (to feel/sense/regret), Preterite
Estuvieran: Estar (to be), Past (Imperfect) Subj.

He was sorry (that) they weren't there last night.

(Ch. 17, pg. 390)
Dudamos que se equivoquen.
Dudamos: Dudar (to doubt), Present Indicative
Equivoquen: Equivocar (to get mixed up), Present

"We doubt that they will make a mistake."
Dudábamos que se equivocaran.
Dudábamos: Dudar (to doubt), Imperfect
Equivocaran: Equivocar (to get mixed up), Imperfect

"We doubted that they would make a mistake."