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founder public health nsg
lillian wald
first black nurse
mary mahoney
establish first midwifery schools in US
mary breckenridge
womans activist help give woman right to vote
lavania dock
leader in nursing education , help limited hrs of work day for nurses
isabel hampton robb
nurse during civil war that helped with womans movement
sojourner truth
nurse and aboloionist underground railroad
harriet tubman
civil war american red cross
clara barton
founder of modern nursing, created free standing education, defined nsg as an art and science
florence nightingale
superintendant civil war, crusaded for mentally ill
dorthea dix
charactristic of a profession nursing has been associated with
has always been a service oreintated career
major advantage of team nursing for delivery of nsg care
facilitates the use of ancillary staff to provide effective care
action that reflects educational competencies for assocaite nurse
provide direct patient care across the health care continuim
why would a nurse follow the agency policies and protocols
considered standards of practice
action that affects the nurse as a member of a discipline
tells the pateit his or her name
how are the nsg process and the planed changed process similiar
they both follow a systematic approach with assessment being first
first organized schoo;s of nursing starte with what war
civil war
what accomplishment has florence nightingale been credited for
influencing reform of nsg education
in what way did the pew health profession commision reports affect health care professionals
to increase the number of health care professionals including nurses
a factor that helped develop associate nsg
cadet nurse corps legslated and funded WW II for the need of nurses..less than 3 years education
organization that represents the nursing profession to allied health groups, national, international organizations, govet bodies or the public
healthy people 2010- area of enviromental protection
promote healthy lifestyles
example active euthanisa
giving a terminally ill pt. large IV dose morphine
cases that have been ruled on in court
common law
virginia henderson theory
care for and help the pt obtain self-care
religous school that usually refuses autopsy
jevoah witness
prohibition of intetional harm