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Florence Nightingale
She defined nursing as an art and science, differentiating it from medicine. Created nursing education programs and published books about nursing and healthcare. The founder of modern nursing.
Clara Barton
She volunteered to care for soldiers during the Civil War and was the supervisor of nurses for the Army of James. She organized hospitals and nurses and established the American Red Cross.
Dorothea Dix
She was the superintendent of female nurses during the Civil War. She was responsible for recruiting and equipping a corps of army nurses. She was a pioneer in the reform of treatment for the mentally ill.
Harriet Tubman
She was a nurse and abolitionist who was active in the underground railroad before joining the Union army during the Civil War.
Sojourner Truth
A former slave who provided care for soldiers during the Civil War and worked for the women's rights movement.
Isabel Hampton Robb
She was a leader in nursing education and organized the School of Nursing at Johns Hopkins. She limited hours and wrote textbooks. She was the first president of the ANA.
Mary Breckenridge
She established the Frontier Nursing Service and one of the first Nurse Midwifery Schools in the US
Mildred Montag
Associate Degree nursing education is based on a research project that she carried out to address the shortage of nurses.
Lavina Dock
She was a nursing leader and women's rights activist who was instrumental in the Constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote.
Virginia Henderson
She provided one of the most widely accepted definitions of nursing. Nursing's role is to assist the individual to carry out those activities that he would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will, or knowledge.
Mary Mahoney
She graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children as the first African American nurse
Hildegard Peplau
She was a theorist who believed that nursing should be viewed as an interpersonal process involving interaction between two or more individuals which has as its common goal assisting the individual who is sick or in need of health care.
Linda Richards
She was the first trained nurse in the US. She was a superintendent of Bellevue Hospital and began the practice of documentation and writing orders.
Martha Rogers
She was an American nurse, researcher, theorist, and author who is best known for developing the Science of Unitary Human Beings and her landmark book, An Introduction to the Theoretical Basis of Nursing.
Margaret Sanger
She opened the first birth control clinic in the United States and established Planned Parenthood.
Lillian Ward
She established a neighborhood nursing service for the sick poor of the Lower East Side in NYC. She is the founder of public health nursing.