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During his time at Walden Pond, where did Thoreau live? (Be specific.)
Thoreau lived in a small hut on a parcel of land borrowed from Emerson.
What does “transcend” mean?
A. to go above
B. to go below
C. to go behind
D. to go beyond
D. to go beyond
Transcendentalists believed that there were truths that couldn’t be perceived by our senses and couldn’t be proven.
Typically, Transcendentalists had _____ outlooks on life.
A. pessimistic
B. optimistic
C. realistic
D. purple
B. optimistic
Where did the transcendentalist movement begin?
New England
Who was commonly known as the “thinker” and the “lynchpin” of the Transcendentalist movement?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Who was known as the “doer” and was greatly influenced by his mentor, Ralph Waldo Emerson?
Henry David Thoreau
Emerson wrote all of the following except?
A. “Nature”
B. “The American Scholar”
C. “Civil Disobedience”
D. “Self-Reliance”
C. “Civil Disobedience”
In Transcendentalism, people should try to live close to what?
A. their lover
B. their money
C. nature
D. the city
C. nature
To Transcendentalists, manual labor was undignified since it devalued man.
Transcendentalists greatly supported organized religion and church services.
What did Transcendentalists believe about the nature of man?
They believed that man was essentially good and that everyone had a spark of the divine within him/her.
You are asked to make a life changing decision. According to Transcendentalist philosophy, what should you look to make your decision?
yourself, your heart, your soul, your moral compass, etc
You’re shopping at Building 19 and you see a large box of 5000 gumballs for $3.00. Would Thoreau approve of your purchase and why?
No. Thoreau would advocate anti-materialism and remind you that you should focus on higher goals. He’d remind you that petty material goods aren’t the most important thing in your life. (The gumballs were probably expired anyway.)
Recently, NHS has installed video cameras throughout the school with the intent of improving school safety, at the expense of student freedom. How would a Transcendentalist react?
A Transcendentalist would advocate for individual liberty over the needs of society as a whole and protest the cameras.
What is the oversoul made up of?
man, nature, and a higher power
The concept of the oversoul asserts that all human beings are _____ to each other.
How long did Thoreau spend at Walden?
slightly over 2 years
Was Walden really in the undisturbed wilderness of the New England forests?
No, it was very close to Thoreau’s village. He’d often visit his mother for supper.
Name a societal reform movement that was inspired, at least partially, by Transcendentalism? Justify your claim.
abolition, women’s rights, public education, worker’s rights, conservation, etc. (reasons will vary)
Name an Eastern religion that inspired Transcendentalists.
List at least 3 tenants of Transcendentalism.
living close to nature, dignity of manual labor, closeness to higher power, divinity of man, self-reliance, anti-materialism, individualism
As a Transcendentalist, what is your preferred method of worship? Why?
A. individual Bible study
B. large Sunday service
C. daily prayer meeting with neighbors
D. mass rally
A. individual bible study; Transcendentalists believe that closeness to a higher power is personal rather than organized
Why was manual labor considered dignified?
Transcendentalists believed that it was good to work with one’s hands, since this brought people closer to themselves and away from their reliance on others.
Which of these styles of government would most appeal to a Transcendentalist? Why?
A. monarchy
B. democracy
C. dictatorship
D. socialism
B. democracy; This is because Transcendentalists believed in the independence of the individual.
Name all of the tenants of Transcendentalism.
living close to nature, dignity of manual labor, closeness to higher power, divinity of man, self-reliance, anti-materialism, individualism
Name a prominent Transcendentalist other than Emerson or Thoreau.
Margaret Fuller, Bronson Alcott, Orestes Brownson, William Ellery Channing, Frederick Henry Hedge, Theodore Parker, George Putnam, and Sophia Peabody
Was Herman Melville a Transcendentalist?
He initially “dabbled” in it, but he ultimately rejected the philosophy.
What was Emerson’s initial profession, and why did he leave it?
Emerson was initially a minister, but he left the job because he became disillusioned with the useless rituals of the church.
Which is not part of the oversoul?
A. nature
B. paprika
C. man
D. higher power
B. paprika