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The Columbian Exchange took place between what groups of people?
Native Americans and European explorers.
This simple exchange of goods, plants and culture had dramatic effects on the history of both cultures.
The Conquistadors became infamous throughout the Americas for what 3 defining traits?
The Conquistadors were characterized by there drive for material wealth, personal glory, and devotion to the Catholic faith.
These traits defined and greatly contributed to the success of the Spanish empire in the Americas.
Compared with their Anglo-Saxon rivals, the Spanish settlements in the Americas were larger, richer, and lasted more than a century longer. What difference in colinization strategy may account for this?
More than 400,000 Spaniards migrated to the Americas by 1650. Many of them men, married Native American women, fusing the two cultures.
The Spanish Empire stretched from the present-day Southern U.S. through Central America and down along the western coast of South America.
The Treaty of Tordesillas split the new world along a North/South line promising all land west of that line to what country?
Portugal gained the land east of this line, including present day Brazil, where inhabitants still speak portuguese.
This system, desinged by the Spanish to reward conquistadors and colonial rulers, was one of the first forms of slavery in the new world.
The Encomienda System
Under this system conquistadors were promised by the Crown the free labor of the village people in return for converting villagers to Catholicism.
The French explored these two major waterways providing them with substainable ports for their trade network.
The St. Lawrence Seaway and the Mississippi River
From these explorations the French settled Quebec and New Orleans
The French viewed Native Americans as necessary economic partners in the trade of this item.
Fur, especially Beaver pelts.
This item was Canada's most valuable export.
The English began exploring the North Atlantic in the latter part of the 15th century in search of better fishing areas and the fabled shorter route to the Orient called__________________.
The Nortwest Passage
Just like Columbus, explorers still searched for a shorter way to the Orient to trade for silk, spices and precious metals.
This 16th century religious movement to reform and challenge the spiritual authority of the Roman Catholic Church delayed England's entry in the New World.
The Protestant Reformation
This event is associated with people such as Martin Luther and John Calvin.
This disease was passed from explorers and early colonizers to Native Americans through the trade of goods, such as blankets.
Small Pox.
While the disease was not deadly to Europeans, Native Americans had never been exposed to the disease before and therefore had no immunities to it.