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individuals arfe encouraged to accept resposibility for thier actions, to address any work related problems, and to achieve and to sustain superior performance.
Used to help employees deal with personal problems that may interfere with the acheivement of these goals.
7 Primary fuctions of HRM
HR Planning, EO, Staffing, Compensation, labor relations, safety, HRD
Plan on Equal Stuff Completely Labor Safe
set of systematic and planned activities designed by an organization to provide it's members with the opportunities to learn necessary skills to meet current and future job demands
effective selection and utilization of employees to best achieve the goals and stratagies of the organization, as well as the goals and needs of employees.
Systematic effort by an organization to facilitate the learning of job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities.
acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities that enhance an employee's performace.
behavior modeling
LEarning by observing others
Expectancy Theory
People will perform behaviors that they perceive will bring valued outcome.
Equity Theory
Outcomes are evaluated by comparing them to the outcomes recieved by others.
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Expectations of performance can become reality because people strive to behave consistently with their perception of reality.
Organizational culture
Set of values, beliefs, norms, and patterns of behavior.
informal rules for appropriate behavior established within work groups.
Social loafing
tendency for group member to reduce their effort as the size fo teh group increases.
2 blocks of teamwork
Trust & Cohesiveness
The psychological processes that cause teh arousal, direction, and persistence of voluntary actions that are goal directed.
law of effect
behavior that is followed by a pleasurable consequence will occur more frequently.
Behavior Modifation
Positive reinforcement, Negative reinforcement,
Extinction, & Punishment
Griggs vs Duke Power
Employers must demonstrate that all criteria used to make an employment decision are valid or job related.
Brito vs Zia Company
Appraisal instruments (when used to determine employment standards) shall be related to the work behavior.
Wade vs Mississippi Coop Extension Services
methods used to appriase were not conducive towards EO.
Albermarle Paper Company vs Moody
Subjective supervisory ranking was used for advancement selection purposes.