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In strategic performance management, individual performance indicators and targets are linked to ____?
How can learning, training and development be built into the wider organization strategy?
By providing an overview of organizational KSAO needs
By informing interventions.
By supporting organizational change.
Which 3 things are learning and development intervention?
Groups of liked minded employees with shared concerns in an organization, working together to learn from each other and develop new approaches and ways of working have rbeen called ____?
Communities of practice
Effective training evaluation should employ:
An experimental design
Knowledge that cannot be easily communicated and rather reflects accumulated experience and ‘ways of knowing’ is called ______?
Tacit knowledge
In terms of goal orientation, what does PGO refer to?
Performance goal orientation
In the model of training transfer, learning outcomes are affected by individual differences, organizational factors and ____?
Training design
____ helps support training transfer?
Social support
The evaluation criteria model of Kraiger et al. (1993) comprised, skill-based, affective, and ____ outcomes.