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The Greek language indicates accents by...
length rather than loudness and has had a great impact on Greek music.
A Serra dance...
is a Greek war dance where men wearing full armor duel until blood is drawn.
Rumania: funeral laments improvised by close female relatives...
Long alp horns found in Romanian mountains..
used by isolated young women who play to keep each other company.
Bosnia Herzegova rural music features...
harmony made by seconds which comes from Slavonic tribes.
The Ghost Dance movement started in 1889 with a vision of the Paiute holy man Wavoka...
God told him that indians who never lies or stole and who lived in peace would join their ancestors in paradise.
The arrival of the_____ and _____ allowed the Blackfoot to drive the Shoshone from their homeland. The ______ was an ideal home.
horse and gun: tipi
In 1890, word of enthusiastic Ghost Dancing reached James McLaughlin...
he ordered the arrest of Sitting Bull, gunfire broke out and Sitting Bull was killed.
The Sun Dance...
was held in fulfillment of vows to Wakantanka with fasting, dancing, and self-torture. The only people allowed
The only people allowed to play Eagle bone whistles...
were warriors participating in the Sun Dance.
How many distinct American Indian groups remain in their homelands?
Nowadays, Apache combine all ceremonies...
into a four day festival around July 4. It is primarily a blessing of young girls who have reached maturity.
The Navajo did keep some of the old nomadic elements:
in winter they live in a warm log hogan, in the summer they live in a brush hut.
The Eagle Dance...
is an ancient ceremony commemorating the Eagle's saving the Pueblos from the plague.
The Hopi Snake dance is one of the most ancient dances in America today...
it is performed during the summer to insure early Fall rains.
The basin was remarkable...
for continual mixing of cultural ideas and beliefs because it was a hub of trade networks between Plains and far West.
There were 100 tribal groups living in pre-European California...
Almost all were exterminated by bounty hunters who got 50 cents per scalp and $5 per head.
The Yurok...
had a sophisticated monetary system and land was privately owned.
Nootka: social rank was determined by...
distribution of gifts or privileges.
Nootka: Potiatchs...
are feasts that could last for several months.
A ________________ unites the Inuits of N. Alaska throughout far N. Canada and Greenland.
common language.
The ancient Flying Pole Dance of the Otomi...
has performers dancing on a 70 ft pole. Music is provided by a one man band playing flute and drum.
The Pascolas Deer Dance...
goes back to an old ceremony used to charm deer so they can be hunted.
Chiapas: used this to get the attention of the ancient rain god...
religious church procession accompanied by fireworks.
Peruvian highlanders who speak Quechua are descendants of the ____. Even today they are known for such ______ traits as _______.
Incas; Incan; Worshiping the sun.
The ______ introduced string instruments to South America.
The Incas used in their music...
panpipes, flutes, trumpets, rattles, and drums.
Brazil- African Cult Music: their gods arrive by...
possessing dancers; clapping and trumpet fanfares welcome the gods.
Yekuana means...
"dugout canoe people" or "river people"
When a group of Yekuana returns after being gone a long time, a ____ is played to welcome them home.
The Kayapo people have recently added weapons of ________ and _______ to aid in successfully protecting their traditional lands against outsider invasions.
political negotiation and media coverage
Kraho of the Amazon- every morning the village as a whole sang a song to...
welcome the sun.
The Jivaro...
even a meeting on a trail of two men well acquainted with each other was characterized by loud aggressive posturing.
The chief objective of Jivaro warfare was to take heads and shrink them (Tsansta)..
by shrinking the head, the spiritual power of the enemy can be used.
The Salk'nam, or Ona, were inhabitants of the largest island in Tierra del Fuego...
just as Californian indians, a cash reward was offered for their deaths.