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A Agamemnon’s Cousin, and Clytemnestra’s lover. His father and Agamemnon’s father were rivals for the throne. Agamemnon’s father boiled two of his rival’s children (Aegisthus’ brother) and served them to him for dinner. Since that time, Aegisthus has been in exile awaiting a chance to seek revenge.
Author of orestia plays were prefomed at city dianices festival
The King of Argos, the husband of Clytemnestra, and the commander of the greek armies during the siege of Troy. He sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia in order to obtain a favorable wind to carry the Greek Fleet to Troy. During a 10 yr. conflict, his Queen has plotted his death in order to avenge the killing of their daughter. He goes to his death unaware of his fate.
brother of thyestes cooked his brothers sons and fed them to him.
Jim bayliss
He is a man who, in his youth, shared Chris’s ideals, but has been fored to compromise to pay the bills. He is fair to his wife, but she knows how frustrated Jim feels. Jim’s is the voice of disillusioned experience. If any character speaks for the playwright (Arthur Miller), it is Jim.
A Trojan Princess, captured by Agamemnon and carried to Argos as his slave and mistress. She was Apollo’s lover. Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy, but when she refused to bear him a child, he punished her by making all around her disbelieve her predictions. She sees the ancestral curse afflicting Agamemnon’s family, and predicts both his death and her own.
chorus of argive elders
The elder citizens of Argos, who were too old to fight in the Trojan War. They serve as advisors to Queen Clytemnestra during Agamemnon’s absence, and provide commentary on the action of the play. Their speeches provide the background for the action, for they foreshadow the King’s death when they describe the events of the Trojan War and discuss the dangers of human pride.
New King of Denmark, Villain of the play, driven by his sexual appetites and his lust for power. His love for Gertrude is sincere
The Play’s Protagonist, She is Agamemnon’s wife and has ruled Argos in his absence. She plans his murder with ruthless determination, and feels no guilt after his death; she is convinced of her own rectitude and of the justice of killing the man who killed her daughter. She is, a sympathetic character in many respects, but the righteousness of her crime is tainted by her entanglement with Aegisthus. Even so, Aeschylus makes it clear that Agamemnon’s death must be avenged.
ann deever
: She shares Chris’s high ideals but believes he should not feel ashamed by his wealth. She disowns her father whom she believes is guilty. She has no wish to hurt Kate but will show her Larry’s letter if she (Kate) remains opposed to Ann’s marrying Chris.
Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.
Young Prince of Norway, whose father the king, was killed by Hamlet’s Father. Now Fortinbras wishes to attack Denmark to avenge his fathers honor- He is another foil for Hamlet.
Queen of Denmark, Hamlets mother, loves Hamlet deeply, she is a shallow weak woman who seeks affection and status more urgently than moral rectitude or truth.
of Denmark, about 30 years old. Bitter towards his uncle and seeks revenge, has studied at the University of Wittenberg.
started trogen war, married to mealeus
Hamlet’s close friend, who was with Hamlet at the University. He is loyal and helpful to Hamlet throughout the play. After Hamlet dies, Horatio remains alive to tell Hamlet’s story.
daughter killed by agamemnon to sail ships
Chris Keller
He has been changed by his experience of war, where he has seen men laying down their lives for their friends. He is angry that the world has not been changed, that the selflessness of his fellow soldiers counts for nothing. He feels guilty to make money out of a business which does not value the man on whose labor it relies.
Joe Keller
He is not a bad man. He loves his family but does not see the universal human “family” which has a higher claim on his duty. He may think he has got away with his crime, but is troubled by the thought of it. He relies on his wife, Kate, not to betray his guilt.
Kate Keller
: She is a woman of enormous maternal love, which extends to her neighbors’ children, notably George. Despite her instinctive warmth, she is capable of supporting Joe in his deceit. To believe Larry is dead would (for her) be to believe his death was a punishment of Joe’s crime (an intolerable thought), so she must persuade herself that Larry still lives. Joes sees this idea to be ridiculous, but must tolerate it to secure Kate’s support for his own deception.
Polonius’s Son and Ophelia’s brother. He spends most of the play in France. He is passionate and quick to action. Laertes is clearly a foil for the reflective Hamlet.
arther miller
Auther of all my sons
agamemnons brother
King of greece tutored by seneca
Polonius’s daughter, in love with Hamlet, young and innocent girl who obeys her brother and father, dependent on men. She goes mad and drowns in a river
Son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra (mute part)
was killed, is son of tantalus feed to the gods
Greek Comedy writter
friend of orestes married electra
King of Phocis
writter of agamemnon, tutor to nero
Tantalus Ghost
Uncle of Agamemnon, he has returned to earth for vengeance against the house of his brother, Atreus.
writter of latin comedies used stock characters
son of Pelops, he is the brother of Atreus who has been driven into
The man assigned to watch for the signal of Troy’s fall from the roof of the palace. He is joyful at his king’s return, but also is gripped with a sense of foreboding.