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Australia, 4 hot topics. How colonized?
Cuddie Springs
Grinding stones, stone tool with blood residue found next to animal diroptadon
Coastal Hypothesis
Travel down coast in boats
Monte Verde
Chile, oldest accepted site
Human that spread across North America
Pleistocene Overkill
Probably was due to climate shift, but in Australia since it’s separated it’s possible to wipe them out
Advanced arrow making in Germany
Mount Sandal
Circular huts—Sendary people
A process- not event
Species are less fit, probably not deliberate
Management of wild plants
“Shoo!”, basic basic
Seed Crop Cultivation
Planting seeds, pure strangs, unnatural and risky, concentration on most productive species
Planting or grafting cuttings, more complex, several species together, more natural bc plants growing amongst others
Animal Domestication
Inc. freq, outside range, young males+ old females, morpho changes (horns size), females limiting factor
Ali Kosh
Absolutely have domesticated sheep/goat
Hallan Cerni
More population, need more calories, more dietary stress, more disease and violence
Higher pop, competition, theft and specialists
Had huge walls and tower (that face in? vigilantes?)
Abu Hureya
Wild wheat and barely (outside of range)
Ain Mahalla
Have sickleblades, so they had food production, sedentary
Wadi Kubanniya
Lil creek of nile, only source of water, 20kya more rain, animal and people come here, grinding stones pop up, then 12.5kya things change and violent flood and wetlands go away, people stuck
Jebel Sahaba
Cemetery, 40% died violently (warefate?)
Domes, pig, dog, chickens, domes animal b4 plants, pottery b4 plants
Domesticated rice
Domesticated millet
(new guinea)
Domesticated pigs, pure vegeculture system, on island, irrigation channels so water drains down, fields on raised mound
Mexico and Central America
Guila Naquitz (Mexico)
Domesticated squash, potentially domesticated maize
Tehuacan Valley
Mexico, arid, well preserved, no wild teosinte, maize is fully domesticated here and out of range (brought in)
Koster (Illinois)—Gathering pigweed, goosefoot, sunflowers, after a while they may be domesticated
Cahokia (St. Loius)
Public archi, 20-30k ppl, specialists, elite burial, contact from Mesoamerica, full
Snaketown (South AZ)
Platform mounds (for elites?), used irrigation, lots of stuff from mexico
The Ball Game
Hard rubber ball, it could kill you, military/political activity, sacrificed winning/losing team sometimes/both, burials show social organization
Tres Ventanas
Can’t tell if there are domesticated potato as old as 10kya, unlikely domesticated potato at 4kya
Guitarrero Cave
Few beans AMS dated 2.6ky, most plants not
Ayacucho Cave
Domesticated cotton
Complex Societies
Cities, Centralized economy, elite controlling class, long distance trade, public/monumental architecture, standardized record keeping
Service’s progression
Bands, Tribes,Chiefdoms, Empires
Mortuary Cult
Grave goods are universal, poor vs rich areas, head to south facing west, feet were pots with ashes and burned bones, head were bots filled with scented fat
Ubaid Period
Has satilite farming villages that feed small but densely packed cities. Mudbrick mounds w/ temples ontop, social structure, public architecture
Earliest known stie on south Mesopotamian plain, mentioned by Samarian text as first city to rise after flood, maybe organized religion
Iraq, has ziggarts, richest grave is that of Queen/priestest Puabi. There are other 80 other people who died with clay cup (poisoned?)
Used Quneiform, core of sw asian civilization 5kya, sys of writing in clay
Pictograms, Ideograms, Phonograms, Alphabets
Upper/Lower Egypt
Nile flows south to north, so lower Egypt is at north, upper is down south
Funerary settlement, exists for honoring and burying dead, lots of dif in grave goods, upper egypt
Domes pig & sheep-goat, horsehoe shaped houses, shows social organization, 125 burials
Step pyramids
Peru during Chavin period, famous for burials (textiles people buried in)
Has own style of art, had anthropometric (made stuff looking like people, has MOCHE VALLEY (2 pyramids, Huaca de luna, del sol)
Chavin de Huantar
Large site in mountains, Center for Chavin Cult, the special effects place
Most famous site for moche art, prized by collectors, most made by gold
El Paraiso
Earliest U SHAPED ceremonial center, snuff trays
Near mexico us boarder, mudbrick house, complex maze of houses 3-4 stories tall, ball court, running water
Harrapan Society
First cmplx society in Indus valley, full scale agricul, went from small villages to BOOm cities, very organizaed, sewer, massive
Pakastan, enormous, 77% of strucs are houses, egalitarian, mound of great bath
Talk about heritage in terms of things
United Nations Educations, Scientics, and Cultural Organization
Native American Graves Protection and Repartition Act. Covers human remains, associated funerary objects, unassociated funerary objects, sacred objects, objects of cultural patrimony
Kennewick Man
Set of human remains found in Washington. Big fuck up