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Juan Ponce De Leon
primary spanish explorer of east coast aka US
Spanish explorations 2 interests
exploiting of new lands for riches and religion
Francisco Coronado
1540 first major expedition to United States
Fr. Juan de Padilla
Coronado's partner
start mission in Kansas
first Christian martyr
Juan de Onate
head colonizing movement in the Rio Grande.
Traditional Christianity
lands were Royal Colonies
stayed within religious tradition of Britain.
saw themselves as an extension
(reform-minded english protestants)
sought to purify the church of England of all traces of medieval Catholicism especially the bishop
sought to implement reform at the level of the local congregation
strangers to their heavenly home.
compared themselves to Israel in the book of Exodus
pilgrims established theocracies
meaning "ruled by God"
Great Awakening
Designed to foster a spiritual awakening from laxity among christian colonies.
In New England
religious meetings for the Great Awakening
Johnathan Edwards
Provided theological foundation for revival movement
George Whitefield
Preached to anyone that would listen
renewal of protestant reformation by means of a lively effective and heartfelt faith.
thought of doctrine talk as dry and divisive
Holiness Churches
seperated from Methodist tradition for a more rigid code of behaviour.
Pentecostal Churches
Founder Charles Parham
Roots in baptist and methodist traditions
required a clearer proof of the presence of God in a believers life.
Free Churches
Remain seperate from larger secular society.
rooted in radical reformation
Adult Baptism
(Quakers, Amish)
Baptist churches
heavily involved in the larger society, not seperate from it.
no church with state!
divides the scriptural narrative of Gods ddealing with humanity into seven stages called dispensations.
each stage moved God's plan for humanity forward.
originated in New York
Founder: Joseph Smith
Brigham Young
Spanish and Portuguese Jewish immigrants
German Jewish immigrants
Social Gospel
Theological and Activist Movement
Walter Rauschenbusch