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drought(hot dry, insect damaged)stressed corn
Novasil (aluminosilicate) can be used as part of treatment
Poor growth rate, rough hair coat - swine
great potential for producing violative residues in milk
lesion - hepatic necrosis
Moderate temps and high humidity during grain formation
taste aversion is a learned response - swine
Ergot Alkaloids
Agalactia, hyperthermia. later term abortions - cows
Dry gangrene and sloughing of both rear feet - calves
Lethargy, blindness, afebrile, progressive ataxia, anorexia, maybe short period of mania, death within days - horses
Leukoencephalomalacia (liquifactive necrosis of white matter around lateral ventricles)
found in yellow or white corn
reduced volume and quality of sperm in bulls, rams, and male dogs
Myocardial necrosis
most sensitive - horse
Myocardial necrosis - horse
skeletal muscle necrosis - sheep
uneasy, reluctant to eat, abdominal pain, profuse sweating, progressive ataxia (posterior) to recumbency and death over 2 days- horse
alters intracellular sodium and calcium ions to produce myocyte necrosis
No significant lesions
rapidly ascending flaccid paralysis - dogs
young calves are highly susceptible
Methemoglobinemia (chocolate brown blood) - cows
very slow, have trouble getting up, weakness, shallow labored breathing, acute death
dirty tan/light brown tinge to mucous membranes
antidote - methylene blue
diagnostic samples - eye and forage
abortions may occur
poultry - not susceptible
Organic arsenical feed additives
ataxia progressing to posterior paresis over a couple days time while remaining mentally alert and afebrile and normal appetite- swine
Demyelination of peripheral nerves
Salt poisoning/water deprivation
diagnostic sample - ocular fluid (dog)
diagnostic sample - histopath of cerebrum (swine)
jerking, blindness, paddling, dog-sitting, head jerking, death - swine
lesion - eosinophilic meningoencephalitis - swine
Excessive salivation - horse
Polioencephalomalacia - cattle
Renal tubular necrosis - steer
Staggering, slightly bloated, excessive urination, some salivation, and/or acute death
diagnostic samples - rumen contents, serum
Prolonged return to estrus - mature sows
swollen red vulva and signs of estrus - immature sows
Manure gas that is asphyxiant but not toxic
Abortion in pigs with no maternal signs
Carbon monoxide
Cardiac dilatation and hydrothorax in pigs
fumonisin or gossypol
Corneal ulcers and opacity, nasal and tracheal hemorrhage and necrosis
ammonia (NH3)
anhydrous ammonia
Most toxic gas released by agitation of manure slurry stored in pits
hydrogen sulfide
Protein Equivalent from urea (conversion factor)