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What is the perferred sample of tox screening? Why?

The Drugs are all metabolized by the liver
What can be used as a timeline for intoxication?
Occular fluid
What are some of the associated factors of alcohol comsumption?
Associated Problems: esophageal varices [12], cirrhosis of the liver (can be caused by the consumption of as little as three beers/day).
What is a standard drink and how much does it contribute to a blood alcohol level?
A standard drink is 1.25 oz of 80 proof liquor, a 4 oz glass of 12% wine, or a 12 oz bottle of 4.5-5% beer and contributes 0.02 g/dL to blood alcohol concentration.
What is the Beta factor?
It is how fast you are metabolizing the alcohol.
Alcohol acts synergistically with what class of drugs?
Ethyl alcohol and benzodiazepines act synergistically so when you take them together you are essentially doubling the effects of the benzodiazepine and enhancing the effects of the ethyl alcohol.
What drugs is reponsible for most of the drugs deaths in the US?
What are some of the side-effects associated with cocaine?
Hyperthermia, agitated psychosis, respiratory arrest, and death.
What is a product formed in the body by taking cocaine and ethanol simultaneously?
Cocaethylene - more cardiotoxic with a longer half-life
What product of CHe is looked for in a drug screening for cocaine?
Benzyoylecogine (BE)
What is looked for post-mortem in a drug screening for cocaine?
Ecogonine methyl ester (EME)
If you cannot get a blood sample for post-mortem cocain sampling, where do you look?
What vascular phenomenon can cocaine cause?
Berry anuerysm
What is the half-life of cocaine? A standard dose of 100mg gives a blood concentration of what? How long can you detect the cocaine?
1. 30m - 1.5h
2. .2-.4 mg/L
3. Detectable for up to 12h
What is the health employee’s drug of choice?
How do you do a analysis for GHB?
capillary ion electrophoresis
What are the side-effects of GHB?
It is a respiratory depressant and can cause hypothermia and heart rhythm changes
What is Flunitrazepam?
Roophies, a benzodiazepine that have to use HPCL for testing.
Urine drug detection windows: Amphetamines
2-3 days
Urine drug detection windows: Cocaine metabolite
2-3 days
Urine drug detection windows: Cannabinoids
Moderate use: 4 days
Daily: 10 days
Heavy: 20 days
Urine drug detection windows: Opiates
2 days
Urine drug detection windows: PCP
8 days