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What are the four main causes of pesticide posioning?
Persistance in soil
Translocation in plants
Accidental overexposure can be acquired how?
when applied to crops
used therapeutically
mixed with animal feed
use of plant formulation rather than animal formulation
improper storage
Has the use of pesticides increased or decreased over the years?
What are the three types of pesticides?
insectides, herbicides, rodenticides
How did cattle become exposed to parathion posioning?
pasture from citrus groves and vegetable fields and grazing alfalfa too soon after insecticide application
What are the types of insectides?
Insectides of natural origin
Other insectides
What are the organophosphates?
carbamates and ChE inhibitors
What are the organocholrines?
DDT, cyclodienes, and lindane
What are the insectides of natural origin?
pyrethrins, nicotine, rotenone
Why were organophosphates orginally developed?
so they could be used as chemical warfare agents, and nerve gases
Who suggested the use of TEPP as an insecticide?
Gerhard Schrader
What organophosphates were used as nerve gases?
sarin, tabun, soman
In what year was parathion discovered?
Which organophosphate became the most widely used organophosphate?
the ChE inhibitor insecticides are?
organophosphates and the carbamates
T/F: Organophosphates/Carbamates are not persistent in animals nor are they persistent in the environment
What is the basic structure of the carbamates?
What are five major uses for OPs and Carbamates?
Flea control
Soil insecticides
Crop insecticides
Household insecticides
What are the environmental factors that toxicity depend on?
Environmental degradation
Biological Magnification
Movement in the food chain
Vechicle dispersing compound
Route of exposure
Individual compound characte.
spp, age, gender, health
other chemicals
What other chemicals does toxicity depend on?
therapeutic AChE inhibitors
therapeutic cholinomimetics
What is the absorption of organophosphates?
usually lipid soluble
What is the absorption of carbamates?
usually lipid soluble
What makes some of the carbamates absorb slower than others?
neostigmine (N+)
By which routes are ChE inhibitor insecticides absorbed?
dermal, bronchial, and GI tract
Which carbamates enter the CNS more slowly?
N+ carbamates over the N carbamates